LIST 1981 (Mathematical Engineering Technical Reports)

METR 81-01 Shun-ichi AMARI, Differential Geometry of Estimation: Higher-Order Efficiency in Curved Exponential Families (with Appendix --- -Distance and -Connection in the Function Space of Distributions), 38pp., April 1981.  
METR 81-02 Shun-ichi AMARI, Geometrical Theory of Asymptotic Anucillarity and Conditional Inference, 35pp., April 1981.  
METR 81-03 Shu TEZUKA and Masanori FUSHIMI, Guaranteeing the Multidimensional Uniformity of Pseudorandom Number Generators Based on M-Sequences, 16pp., April 1981.  
METR 81-04 Masanori FUSHIMI, The Secretary Problem in a Competitive Situation, 11pp., April 1981.  
METR 81-05 Masanori FUSHIMI and Shu TEZUKA, The k-Distribution of the Generalized Feedback Shift Register Pseudorandom Numbers, 28pp., July 1981.  
METR 81-06 Takashi CHIKAYAMA, UTILISP Manual, 84pp., September 1981.  
METR 81-07 Shun-ichi AMARI and Masayuki KUMON, Differential Geometry of Edgeworth Expansions in Curved Exponential Family, 49pp., September 1981.  
METR 81-08 Stanislaw L. KRYNSKI, Error Estimates for Approximate Fixed Points in Complementary Pivoting Algorithm, 32pp., November 1981.  
METR 81-09 Masayuki KUMON and Shun-ichi AMARI, Geometrical Theory of Higher-Order Asymptotically Most Powerful Two-Sided Test, 52pp., December 1981.  
METR 81-10 Masayuki KUMON and Shun-ichi AMARI, Geometry of Interval Estimation: A Higher-Order Asymptotic Theory, 25pp., December 1981.