LIST 1982 (Mathematical Engineering Technical Reports)

METR 82-01 Takao ASANO, Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for a Property on Matroids to be Characterized in Terms of Excluded Matroid, 13pp., February 1982.  
METR 82-02 Takao ASANO, Edge-Deletion Problems, 27pp., February 1982.  
METR 82-03 Stanislaw L. KRYNSKI, Completely Labeled Sets in Fixed Point Algorithms: Properties and Generalizations, 26pp., February 1982.  
METR 82-04 Hideyuki NAKASHIMA, Prolog/KR User's Manual, 42pp., March 1982.  
METR 82-05 Meng-Lih WU, Access Control with Single-Key-Lock, 10pp., June 1982.  
METR 82-06 Kazunori UEDA, Names and Expressions in Ada, 26pp., June 1982.  
METR 82-07 Hiroshi NAGAOKA and Shun-ichi AMARI, Differential Geometry of Smooth Families of Probability Distributions, 49pp., October 1982. PDF