LIST 1983 (Mathematical Engineering Technical Reports)

METR 83-01 Michio KIMURA, Construction of an Antibiotic Medication Counselling System by Means of Knowledge Engineering: ANTICIPATOR Manual for Users and Knowledge Implementers, PROPAGATOR Reference Manual, 28pp., January 1983.  
METR 83-02 Hideyuki NAKASHIMA and Satoru TOMURA, Introduction to AMUSE: A Multi-Use Structure Editor, 25pp., January 1983.  
METR 83-03 Hideyuki NAKASHIMA, Prolog/KR Implementation Notes, 69pp., February 1983.  
METR 83-04 Masayuki KUMON and Shun-ichi AMARI, Geometrical Theory of Higher-Order Asymptotics of Test, Interval Estimator and Conditional Inference, 56pp., February 1983.  
METR 83-05 Hideyuki NAKASHINA, A Knowledge Representation System: Prolog/KR, 137pp., February 1983.  
METR 83-06 Masayuki KUMON and Shun-ichi AMARI, Estimation of Structural Parameter in the Presence of a Large Number of Nuisance Parameters, 22pp., August 1983.  
METR 83-07 Masanori FUSHIMI, Designing a Uniform Random Number Generator Whose Subsequences are K-Distributed, 20pp., November 1983.  
METR 83-08 Masato EDAHIRO, Iwao KOKUBO and Takao ASANO, A New Point-Location Algorithm and Its Practical Efficiency---Comparison wtih Existing Algorithms, 40pp., November 1983.  
METR 83-09 Ulrike MAUTNER, The Relation between Birkhoff's Theory of Representation of Distributive Lattices and Jordan-Holder Theorem for Modular Latties, 18pp., November 1983.