LIST 1987 (Mathematical Engineering Technical Reports)

METR 87-01 Kazuo MUROTA, Combinatorial Dynamical System Theory, 49pp., March 1987.  
METR 87-02 Shun-ichi AMARI and Te Sun HAN, Statistical Inference under Multi-Terminal Rate Restrictions --A Differential Geometrical Approach, 32pp., May 1987.  
METR 87-03 Keiko KABAYA and Masao IRI, On Operators Defining a Family of Nonanalytic C\infty-Functions, 46pp., May 1987.  
METR 87-04 Published Science 1975, List of Research Memoranda (RMI Series), 18pp., June 1987.  
METR 87-05 Te Sun HAN and Kingo KOBAYSHI, Hypothesis Testing and Multiterminal Encoding, 42pp., June 1987.  
METR 87-06 Msao IRI and Koichi KUBOTA, Methods of Fast Automatic Differentitation and Applications, 50pp., September 1987.  
METR 87-07 Sigeiti MORIGUTI, Masao IRI and Keiko KABAYA, On Asymptotic Properties of the Eigenfunctions of a Linear Operator: \Phi* : q(x) \to (1/2a)\int(1-a)x-a(1-a)x+a q(\xi)d\xi, 38pp., September 1987.  
METR 87-08 Shun-ichi AMARI and Ken-jiro MAGINU, Statistical Neurodynamics of Associative Memory, 33pp., October 1987.  
METR 87-09 Kazuo MUROTA, Principal Structure of Layerd Mixed Matrices, 15pp., November 1987.  
METR 87-10 Kokichi SUGIHARA, On Finite-Precision Representations of Geometric Objects, 15pp., November 1987.  
METR 87-11 Kazuo MUROTA, Sparsity and Block-Triangularization, 18pp., November 1987.  
METR 87-12 Shun-ichi AMARI, Fisher Infomation Under Restriction of Shannon Information in Multi-Terminal Situations, 31pp., December 1987.