LIST 1988 (Mathematical Engineering Technical Reports)

METR 88-01 Masao IRI, Takashi TSUCHIYA and Mamoru HOSHI, Automatic Computation of Partial Derivatives and Rounding Error Estimates with Applications to Large-scale Systems of Nonlinear Equations, 68pp., January 1988.  
METR 88-02 Kazuo MUROTA, Eigensets and Power Products of a Bimatroid, 18pp., January 1988.  
METR 88-03 Kokichi SUGIHARA, Some Location Problems for Robot Navigation Using a Single Camera, 27pp., February 1988.  
METR 88-04 Johann OBERKLAMMER, Tree Optimization Problems Concerning Summation in Rounding Arithmetic, 72pp., December 1987.  
METR 88-05 Kazuo MUROTA, Note on the Universal Bases of a Pair of Polymatroids, 8pp., February 1988.  
METR 88-06 Kazuo MUROTA, On the Irreducibility of Layered Mixed Matrices, 22pp., April 1988.  
METR 88-07 Michel DEZA and Hiroshi MAEHARA, Metric Transforms and Euclidean Embeddinge, 18pp., April 1988.  
METR 88-08 Masato TAKEICHI and Yoji AKAMA, Deriving Functional Knuth-Morris-Pratt Algorithm by Transformational Programming, 12pp., June 1988.  
METR 88-09 Kazuo MUROTA, A Matroid-theoretic Approach to Structurally Fixed Modes in Decentralized Control, 31pp., April 1988.  
METR 88-10 Kazuo MUROTA, Some Recent Results in Combinatorial Approach to Dynamical Systems, 34pp., May 1988.  
METR 88-11 Hideya IWASAKI, mUtilisp Manual, 18pp., August 1988.  
METR 88-12 Kiyohiro IKEDA and Kazuo MUROTA, Critical Initial Imperfection of Structures, 38pp., August 1988.  
METR 88-13 David AVIS and Michel DEZA, L1 Enbeddability, Complexity and Multicommodity Flows, 25pp., September 1988.  
METR 88-14 Kokichi SUGIHARA and Masao IRI, Geometric Algorithms in Finite-Precision Arithmetic, 29pp., September 1988.  
METR 88-15 Koichi KUBOTA and Masao IRI, Estimates of Rounding Errors with Fast Automatic Differentiation and Interval Analysis, 18pp., October 1988.  
METR 88-16 Masanori FUSHIMI, On Misunderstandings about Pseudorandom Nunber Generation by Linear Recurrence Modulo Two, 9pp., November 1988.  
METR 88-17 Masanori FUSHIMI, Statistical Tests of Pseudorandom Numbers Generated by a Linear Recurrence Modulo Two, 10pp., November 1988.  
METR 88-18 Masanori FUSHIMI, Random Number Generation with the Recursion Xt = Xt-3p \oplus Xt-3q, 19pp., November 1988.