LIST 1989 (Mathematical Engineering Technical Reports)

METR 89-01 Michel DEZA and Monique LAURENT, Facets for the Complete Cut Cone, 43pp., January 1989.  
METR 89-02 Kokichi SUGIHARA, A Simple Method for Avoiding Numerical Errors and Degeneracy in Voronoi Diagram Construction, 17pp., January 1989.  
METR 89-03 Kokichi SUGIHARA, Symbolically Perturbed Invisibility for Hidden-Line Elimination, 17pp., January 1989.  
METR 89-04 Takashi TSUCHIYA and Masao IRI, Analysis of Rounding Errors in Large Systems of Nonlinear Equations, 31pp., March 1989.  
METR 89-05 Kokichi SUGIHARA and Masao IRI, A Solid Modelling System Free from Topological Inconsistency, 42pp., March 1989.  
METR 89-06 Shun-ichi AMARI, Mathematical Foundations of Neurocomputing, 49pp., August 1989.  
METR 89-07 Masato TAKEICHI, Evaluation Partial Order and Synchronization Mechanisms in Parallel Functional Programs, 8pp., September 1989.  
METR 89-08 Liao HUSHENG and Masato TAKEICHI, Preliminary Arrangements of Arguments in Lazy Evaluation, 8pp., Septemer 1989.  
METR 89-09 Hideya IWASAKI, mUtilisp: a Lisp Dialect for Parallel Processing, 14pp., October 1989.  
METR 89-10 Suguru ARIMOTO, Robustness of Learning Control for Robot Manipulators, 27pp., October 1989.  
METR 89-11 Tasuya KUBOKAWA and A.K.Md. Ehsanes SALEH, Improving on MLE of Coefficient Matrix in a Growth Curve Model, 14pp., October 1989.  
METR 89-12 T. KUBOKAWA, C. ROBERT and A.K.Md.E. SALEH, Robust Estimation of Common Coefficients Under Spherical Symmetry, 18pp., October 1989.  
METR 89-13 Tatsuya KUBOKAWA, Estimation of the Common Mean and its Applications, 42pp., October 1989.  
METR 89-14 Kokichi SUGIHARA and Masao IRI, VORONOI2 Reference Manual--- Topology-Oriented Version of the Incremental Method for Constructing Voronoi Diagrams---, 38pp., September 1989.  
METR 89-15 Kiyohiro IKEDA and Kazuo MUROTA, Bifurcation Analysis of Axisymmetric Structures Using Block-Diagonalization, 41pp., November 1989.  
METR 89-16 Kazuo MUROTA, On the Smith Form of Structured Polynomial Matrices, 22pp., December 1989.  
METR 89-17 Ichi OKAMOTO, Shun-ichi AMARI and Kei TAKEUCHI, Asymptotic Theory of Sequential Estmation: Differential Geometrical Approach, 23pp., November 1989.  
METR 89-18 Suguru ARIMOTO, Learning Control Theory for Robotic Motion, 50pp., November 1989.  
METR 89-19 Kokichi SUGIHARA and Masao IRI, Construction of the Voronoi Diagram for One Million Generators in Single-Precision Arithmetic, 33pp., August 1989.