LIST 1990 (Mathematical Engineering Technical Reports)

METR 90-01 Tatsuya KUBOKAWA, An Approach to Improving on James-Stein Estimator, 9pp., January 1990.  
METR 90-02 Toshio HONDA, Minimax Estimators in the Manova Model for Arbitraryquadratic Loss and Unknown Covariance Matrix, 10pp., January 1990.  
METR 90-03 Kazuo MUROTA and Kiyohiro IKEDA, Critical Imperfection of Symmetric Structures, 50pp., January 1990.  
METR 90-04 Eiiti WADA, History of UtiLisp Hacking, 14pp., February 1990.  
METR 90-05 Suguru ARIMOTO, Robustness of P-type Learning Control with a Forgetting Factor for Robotic Motions, 43pp., March 1990.  
METR 90-06 Koichi KUBOTA and Masao IRI, PADRE2, version 1 - User's Manual, 21pp., March 1990.  
METR 90-07 Hisashi ITO, Shun-ichi AMARI and Kingo KOBAYASHI, Identifiability of Hidden Markov Information Sources and Their Minimum Degrees of Freedom, 20pp., April 1990.  
METR 90-08 Yun-Hui LIU and Suguru ARIMOTO, Flexible Path Planning of Mobile Robots Based on Local Shortest Paths, 28pp., June 1990.  
METR 90-09 Hisashi SUZUKI and Suguru ARIMOTO, An Extended Elias Code for Data Compression with Fidelity Criterion, 19pp., June 1990.  
METR 90-10 Suguru ARIMOTO, Tomohide NANIWA and Hisashi SUZUKI, Asymptotic Stability and Robustness of PID Local Feedback for Position Control of Robot Manipulators, 9pp., June 1990.  
METR 90-11 Kiyohiro IKEDA and Kazuo MUROTA, On Random Initial Imperfection of Structures, 30pp., June 1990.  
METR 90-12 T. KUBOKAWA, T. HONDA, K. MORITA and A.K.Md.E. SALEH, Estimating a Covariance Matrix of a Normal Distribution with Unknown Mean, 22pp., September 1990.  
METR 90-13 T. KUBOKAWA, K. MORITA, S. MAKITA and K. NAGAKURA, Estimation of the Variance and its Applications, 28pp., September 1990.  
METR 90-14 Tatsuya KUBOKAWA, Equivariant Estimation under the Pitman Closeness Criterion, 25pp., September 1990.  
METR 90-15 Satoshi KURIKI, One-Sided for the Equality of Two Covariance Matrices, 24pp., September 1990.  
METR 90-16 Kazuo MUROTA and Kiyohiro IKEDA, On Random Imperfection for Structures of Regular-Polygonal Symmetry, 38pp., October 1990.  
METR 90-17 Shun-ichi AMARI, Dualistic Geometry of the Manifold of Higher-Order Neurons, 23pp., October 1990.  
METR 90-18 Suguru ARIMOTO, Passivity of Robot Dynamics Implies Capability of Motor Program Learning, 31pp., December 1990.  
METR 90-19 Shun-ichi AMARI, Koji KURATA and Hiroshi NAGAOKA, Differential Geometry of Boltzmann Machines, 30pp., December 1990.  
METR 90-20 Kazuo MUROTA, Hierarchical Decomposition of Symmetric Discrete Systems by Matroid and Group Theories, 41pp., November 1990.  
METR 90-21 David AVIS and Michel DEZA, The Cut Cone, L1 Embeddability, Complexity and Multicommodity Flows, 31pp., November 1990.