LIST 1991 (Mathematical Engineering Technical Reports)

METR 91-01 Tatsuya KUBOKAWA, A Unified Approach to Improving Equivariant Estimators, 19pp., January 1991.  
METR 91-02 Yun-Hui LIU and Suguru ARIMOTO, Tangent Graph of 2D Objects and Its Application to Path Planning of Mobile Robots, 18pp., February 1991.  
METR 91-03 Masao IRI, Complete List of Research Memoranda (RMI series) and Related Publications, 42pp., December 1990.  
METR 91-04 Shun-ichi AMARI, Naotake FUJITA and Shigeru SHINOMOTO, Four Type of Learning Curves, 11pp., May 1991. PDF
METR 91-05 Toshio HONDA, Estimation of the Mean by Three Stage Procedure, 22pp., June 1991.  
METR 91-06 Suguru ARIMOTO and Tomohide NANIWA, Passivity and Learning Control for Robot Tasks under Geometric Constraints, 23pp., June 1991.  
METR 91-07 Kazuo MUROTA, On the Smith Normal Form of Structured Polynomial Matrices, II, 11pp., June 1991.  
METR 91-08 Masao IRI, A Proof of the Polynomiality of the Iri-Imai Method, 23pp., July 1991.  
METR 91-09 Satoshi KURIKI, Likelihood Ratio Tests for the Mulitivariate Random Effects Models, 20pp., August 1991.  
METR 91-10 T. KUBOKAWA, A.K.Md.E. SALEH and S. MAKITA, On Improved Positive Estimators of Variance Components, 15pp., October 1991.  
METR 91-11 T. KUBOKAWA, C.P. ROBERT and A.K.Md.E. SALEH, Estimation of Noncentrality Parameters, 17pp., November 1991.  
METR 91-12 Tatsuya KUBOKAWA, Estimation of Variance Components in Mixed Linear Models, 22pp., November 1992. PDF
METR 91-13 T. KUBOKAWA, and A.K.Md.E. SALEH, Estimation of Location and Scale Parameters under Order Restrictions, 19pp., December 1991.