LIST 1992 (Mathematical Engineering Technical Reports)

METR 92-01 Shuji YOSHIZAWA, Masahiko MORITA AND Shun-ichi AMARI, Capacity of Autocorrelation-Type Associative Memory Using a Non-Monotonic Neuron Model, 25pp., January 1992.  
METR 92-02 Keiichi KANEKO AND Masato TAKEICHI, Relationship Between Lambda Hoisting and Fully Lazy Lambda Lifting, 16pp., January 1992.  
METR 92-03 Shun-ichi AMARI, A Universal Theorem on Learning Curves, 14pp., February 1992.  
METR 92-04 Satoshi KURIKI, Orthogonally Invariant Estimation of the Skew-symmetric Normal Mean Matrix, 10pp., March 1992.  
METR 92-05 Noboru MURATA, Shuji YOSHIZAWA and Shun-ichi AMARI, Network Information Criterion-Determining the Number of Hidden Units for an Artificial Neural Network Model, 17pp., June 1992.  
METR 92-06 Hisasi ITO, Satoru IWATA and Kazuo MUROTA, Hierarchical Decompositions of Partitioned Matrices, 39pp., August 1992.  
METR 92-07 Keiichi KANEKO and Masato TAKEICHI, Derivation of a Knuth-Morris-Pratt Algorithm by Fully Lazy Partial Computation, 11pp., August 1992.  
METR 92-08 Tetsurou TANAKA, Hideya IWASAKI and Masato TAKEICHI, Committed Choice Evaluation of Parallel Functional Programs, 15pp., August 1992.  
METR 92-09 Satoshi KURIKI, Limiting Null Distributions of One-sided Likelihood Ratio Criteria for Testing Dimensionality, 20pp., September 1992.  
METR 92-10 Liangwei XU, Hideya IWASAKI and Masato TAKEICHI, Derivation of Algorithms by Introduction of Generation Functions, 14pp., September 1992.  
METR 92-11 Tatsuya KUBOKAWA, Double Shrinkage Estimation of Ratio of Scale Parameters, 23pp., November 1992.  
METR 92-12 Tatsuya KUBOKAWA, Estimation of Variance Components in Mixed Linear Models, 22pp., November 1992.  
METR 92-13 Satoshi KURIKI, Simultaneous Inference on Interactions in Paired Comparisons: An Application of the Distribution of Singular Values of Skew-symmetric Random Matrix, 19pp., November 1992.  
METR 92-14 Tomomi MATSUI, Yasufumi SARUWATARI and Maiko SHIGENO, An Analysis of Dinkelbach's Algorithm 0-1 Fractional Programming Problems, 10pp., December 1992. PDF
METR 92-15 Toshinao YOSHIBA, Satoru IWATA and Tomomi MATSUI, Randomized Algorithms for Finding the Smallest Enclosing Ball and the Minimum Norm Point, 29pp., December 1992.  
METR 92-16 Maiko SHIGENO, Yasufumi SARUWATARI and Tomomi MATSUI, An Algorithm for Fractional Assignment Problems, 11pp.,December 1992. PDF
METR 92-17 Yasuaki OISHI and Munther A. DAHLEH, A Simple Bisection Algorithm for L2 Induced Norm of a Sampled-Data System, 18pp., December 1992.