LIST 1993 (Mathematical Engineering Technical Reports)

METR 93-01 Hiroki KOGA and Suguru ARIMOTO, Proposal of an Optimal Data Compression Code for Memoryless Gaussian Source and an Analysis of its Asymptotical Behavior, 19pp., January 1993.  
METR 93-02 Tomohide NANIWA and Suguru ARIMOTO, Learning Control for Geometrically Constrained Robot Manipulators, 24pp., January 1993.  
METR 93-03 Tomomi MATSUI and Sunao TAMURA, Adjacency on Combinatorial Polyhedra, 12pp., February 1993. PDF
METR 93-04 Motoaki KAWANABE and Shun-ichi AMARI, Stochastic Perceptron and Semiparametric Statistical Inference, 18pp., March 1993. PDF
METR 93-05 T. KUBOKAWA and C. P. ROBERT, New Perspectives on Calibration, 18pp., March 1993.  
METR 93-06 T. KUBOKAWA and A.K.Md.E. SALEH, Two-Stage Point Estimation with a Shrinkage Stopping Rule, 14pp., March 1993.  
METR 93-07 Gen HORI, Isospectral Flows expressed in Multiple Bracket Forms, 10pp., March 1993.  
METR 93-08 Tomomi MATSUI, An Algorithm for Finding All the Spanning Trees in Undirected Graphs, 9pp., March 1993. PDF
METR 93-09 Satoru IWATA and Kazuo MUROTA, Horizontal Principal Structure of Layered Mixed Matrices--Decomposition of Discrete Systems by Design-Variable Selections, 21pp., May 1993.  
METR 93-10 Keiichi KANEKO, Yoshiyuki ONOUE and Masato TAKEICHI, Sharing Analysis of Functional Programs for Fully Lazy Evaluation, 20pp., June 1993.  
METR 93-11 Yasuaki OISHI, Nonconservative Robust Stability Condition and Its Computational Aspects on Sampled-Data Systems, 13pp., June 1993.  
METR 93-12 Yasuaki OISHI and Kokichi SUGIHARA, Topology-Oriented Divide-and-Conquer Algorithm for Voronoi Diagrams, 21pp., July 1993.  
METR 93-13 Hideya IWASAKI, Mikio TAKEUCHI and Masato TAKEICHI, TK800:Transputer Kernel for T800 Processor, 23pp., August 1993.  
METR 93-14 Satoru IWATA and Kazuo MUROTA, A Theorem on the Principal Structure for Independent Matchings, 19pp., September 1993.  
METR 93-15 Satoru IWATA and Kazuo MUROTA, A Minimax Theorem and a Dulmage-Mendelsohn Type Decomposition for a Class of Generic Partitioned Matrices, 22pp., September 1993.  
METR 93-16 Hidetoshi SHIMODAIRA, A Model Selection Procedure Based on the Information Criterion with Its Variance, 28pp., October 1993.  
METR 93-17 Akio FUJIWARA and Shun-ichi AMARI, Dualistic Dynamical Systems in the Framework of Information Geometry, 23pp., November 1993. PDF
METR 93-18 Keiichi KANEKO, Self-Reduction Graphs for Evaluation of Combinator Expressions, 12pp., November 1993.  
METR 93-19 Te Sun HAN and Shun-ichi AMARI, Multiterminal Estimation Theory, 102pp., November 1993.  
METR 93-20 Shun-ichi AMARI and Motoaki KAWANABE, Differential Geometry of Estimating functions in Semiparametric Statistical Models, 31pp., November 1993. PDF