LIST 1994 (Mathematical Engineering Technical Reports)

METR 94-01 Li Mingzhe and Masanori FUSHIMI, A Parameter-free Transformation Method for Nonlinear Programming Problems, 10pp., January 1994.  
METR 94-02 Tomomi MATSUI, A Linear Time Algorithm for the Minimum Spanning Tree Problem on a Planar Graph, 6pp., January 1994. PDF
METR 94-03 Satoru IWATA, Principal Structure of Submodular Systems and Hitchcock-type Independent Flows, 21pp., January 1994.  
METR 94-04 Shun-ichi AMARI, Information Geometry of the EM and em Algorithms for Neural Networks, 83pp., March 1994.  
METR 94-05 Hiroshi INAGAKI and Kokichi SUGIHARA, Numerically Robust Algorithm for Constructing Constrained Delaunay Triangulation, 16pp., May 1994.  
METR 94-06 Zhenjiang HU, Hideya IWASAKI and Masato TAKEICHI, Catamorphism-Based Transformation of Functional Programs, 14pp., June 1994. PDF
METR 94-07 Satoru IWATA, Kazuo MUROTA and Izumi SAKUTA, Primal-Dual Combinatorial Relaxation Algorithms for the Maximum Degree of Subdeterminants, 36pp., July 1994.  
METR 94-08 Akio FUJIWARA, One-Parameter Pure State Estimation Based the Symmetric Logarithmic Derivative, 12pp., July 1994. PDF
METR 94-09 Akio FUJIWARA, Multi-Parameter Pure State Estmation Based on the Right Logarithmic Derivative, 15pp., July 1994. PDF
METR 94-10 Akio FUJIWARA, Linear Random Measurements of Two Non-Commuting Observables, 18pp., July 1994. PDF
METR 94-11 Akio FUJIWARA, Infomation Geometry of Quantum States Based on the Symmetric Logarithmic Derivative, 21pp., August 1994. PDF
METR 94-12 Tomomi MATSUI, NP-Completeness of Non-Adjacency Relations on Some 0-1 Polytopes, 10pp., August 1994. PDF
METR 94-13 Keiichi KANEKO and Masato TAKEICHI, Derivation of the Aho-Corasick Algorithm by Fully Lazy Evalution with Lasy Memo-ization, 13pp., August 1994.  
METR 94-14 Hiroshi NAGAOKA, Differential Geometrical Aspects of Quantum State Estimation and Relative Entropy, 18pp., September 1994.  
METR 94-15 Tetsuya HIROSHIMA and Kokichi SUGIHARA, Polynomial-Time Algorithm for Recognizing Delaunay Graphs, 22pp., September 1994.  
METR 94-16 Kevin T. JUDD and Kazuyuki AIHARA, Classification and Learning by Dynamical Neural Networks, 20pp., October 1994.  
METR 94-17 Isao TOKUDA, Ryuji TOKUNAGA and Kazuyuki AIHARA, A Simple Geometrical Structure Underlying Speech Signals of the Japanese Vowel /a/, 17pp., October 1994.  
METR 94-18 Kevin T. JUDD and Kazuyuki AIHARA, Generation, Recognition and Learning of Recurrent Signals by Pulse Propagation Networks, 20pp., October 1994.  
METR 94-19 Noboru MURATA, Function Approximation by Three-Layered Networks and Its Error Bounds - An Integral Representation Theorem, 24pp., October 1994.  
METR 94-20 Luonan CHEN and Kazuyuki AIHARA, Chaotic Simulated Annealing by a Neural Network Model with Transient Chaos, 36pp., December 1994.  
METR 94-21 Fumiyasu KOMAKI, On Asymptotic Properties of Predictive Distributions, 27pp., December 1994.  
METR 94-22 Akio FUJIWARA and Hiroshi NAGAOKA, Capacity of a Memoryless Quantum Communication Channel, 19pp., December 1994. PDF