LIST 2000 (Mathematical Engineering Technical Reports)

METR 2000-01 Yasuaki OISHI, Perfomance Convergence of Sampled-Data Control Systems with Generalized Samplers and Holds, 27pp., March 2000.  
METR 2000-02 Motoaki KAWANABE and Noboru MURATA, Independent Component Analysis in the Presence of Gaussian Noise, 26pp., March 2000. PDF
METR 2000-03 Masayuki NAKAJIMA, Ken HAYAMI, Jiro TERAO, Seigo WATANABE and Shigeru ANDO, Identification of Tractions Based on Displacement Observations at Interior Points, 11pp., April 2000. PDF
METR 2000-04 Naoki MASUDA and Kazuyuki AIHARA, Cryptosystems with Discretized Chaotic Maps, 24pp., July 2000.  
METR 2000-05 Naoki MASUDA and Kazuyuki AIHARA, Dynamical Characterisitcs of Discretized Chaotic Permutaions, 24pp., July 2000.  
METR 2000-06 Natsuhiro ICHINOSE, Jin Kyung RYEU and Kazuyuki AIHARA, Dynamical Encoding from Temporal Sequence to Fractal Structure in Various Kinds of IFS, 13pp., March 2001.  
METR 2000-07 Hideya IWASAKI, Kumiko TANAKA-ISHII, Kei TATENO and Masato TAKEICHI, Context-Sensitive Detection and Correction of Homonym Errors in Japanese Texts, 14pp., September 2000.  
METR 2000-08 Satoru FUJISHIGE and Satoru IWATA, Bisubmodular Function Minimization, 12pp., October 2000. PDF
METR 2000-09 Satoru IWATA, A Fully Combinatorial Algorithm for Submodular Function Minimization, 10pp., October 2000. PDF
METR 2000-10 Reiko TANAKA and Kazuo MUROTA, A Remark on Symmetries in Linear Control Systems, November 2000.