LIST 2001 (Mathematical Engineering Technical Reports)

METR 2001-01 Shiro MATUURA and Tomomi MATSUI, 0.863-Approximation Algorithm For MAX DICUT, 10pp., April 2001. PDF
METR 2001-02 Tetsuya KOBAYASHI and Kazuyuki AIHARA, Stability and Bifurcation Analysis of Simple Gene Networks, 42pp., May 2001.  
METR 2001-03 Shiro MATUURA and Tomomi MATSUI, 0.935-Approximation Randomized Algorithm for MAX 2SAT and Its Derandomization, 10pp, September 2001. PDF
METR 2001-04 Yasuaki OISHI and Hidenori KIMURA, Randomized Algorithms to Solve Parameter-Dependent Linear Matrix Inequalities, 14pp, September 2001. PDF
METR 2001-05 Zhenjiang HU, Hideya IWASAKI and Masato TAKEICHI, An Accumulative Skeleton for All, 19pp, September 2001. PDF
METR 2001-06 Satoshi AOKI, Network Algorithm for the Exact Test of Hardy-Weinberg Proportion for Multiple Alleles, 18pp, October 2001. PDF
METR 2001-07 Takeshi KANDA and Kokichi SGIHARA, Comparison of various trees for nearest-point search woth/without the Voronoi diagram, 7pp., October 2001.  
METR 2001-08 Kohei MUROTANI and Kokichi SUGIHARA, G1 surface interpolation for irregularly located data, 16pp., October 2001.  
METR 2001-09 Akimichi TAKEMURA, Evaluation of Per-Record Identification Risk by Additive Modeling of Interaction for Contingency Table Cell Probabilities, 12pp., October 2001. PDF
METR 2001-10 Satoshi KURIKI and Akimichi TAKEMURA, Application of Tube Formula to Distributional Problems in Multiway Layouts, 19pp., October 2001. PDF
METR 2001-11 Satoru IWATA, A Faster Scaling Algorithm for Minimizing Submodular Functions, 9pp., November 2001. PDF