LIST 2002 (Mathematical Engineering Technical Reports)

METR 2002-01 Hideya IWASAKI, Developing a Lisp-based Preprocessor for TeX Documents, 21pp., January 2002.  
METR 2002-02 Satoshi AOKI and Akimichi TAKEMURA, Minimal basis for connected Markov chain over 3x3xK contingency tables with fixed two-dimensional marginals, 28pp., February 2002. PDF
METR 2002-03 James F. GEELEN and Satoru IWATA, Matroid Matching via Mixed Skew-Symmetric Matrices, 28pp., April 2002. PDF
METR 2002-04 Akimichi TAKEMURA and Satoshi AOKI, Some characterizations of minimal Markov basis for sampling from discrete conditional distributions, 17pp., April 2002. PDF
METR 2002-05 Haiyan ZHAO, Zhenjiang HU and Masato TAKEICHI, A Compostional Framework for Mining Longest Ranges, 22pp., May 2002. PDF
METR 2002-06 Takeshi KANDA and Kokichi SUGIHARA, Two-dimensional range search based on the Voronoi diagram, 12pp., June 2002. PDF
METR 2002-07 Tetsuro YOKOYAMA, Zhenjiang HU and Masato TAKEICHI, Yicho: A System for Programming Program Calculations, 14pp., June 2002.  
METR 2002-08 Satoshi AOKI and Akimichi TAKEMURA, Markov chain Monte Carlo exact tests for incomplete two-way contingency tables, 25pp., June 2002. PDF
METR 2002-09 Kazuo MUROTA and Akiyoshi SHIOURA, M-convex and L-convex Fuctions over the Real Space --- Two Conjugate Classes of Combinatorial Convex Functions ---, 32pp., July 2002. PDF
METR 2002-10 Hidehiko KAMIYA and Akimichi TAKEMURA, Characterization of Rankings Generated by Linear Discriminant Analysis, 26pp., August 2002. PDF
METR 2002-11 Masataka WATANABE, Ryou ISHIZAKI and Kazuyuki AIHARA, A Novel Illusion Involving Complex Motion and MT-MST Cortical Interaction, 10pp., October 2002. PDF
METR 2002-12 Kazuo MUROTA, On Steepest Decent Algorithms for Discrete Convex Functions, 12pp., November 2002. PDF
METR 2002-13 Akimichi TAKEMURA and Yo SHEENA, Distribution of Einenvalues and Eigenvectors of Wishart Matrix when the Population Eigenvalues are Infinitely Dispersed, 33pp., December 2002. PDF
METR 2002-14 Ryuhei MIYASHIRO, Hideya IWASAKI and Tomomi MATSUI, Characterizing Feasible Pattern Sets with a Minimum Number of Breaks, 22pp., December 2002. PDF
METR 2002-15 Satoko MORIGUCHI and Kazuo MUROTA, Capacity Scaling Algorithm for Scalable M-convex Submodular Flow Problems, 21pp., December 2002. PDF