LIST 2003 (Mathematical Engineering Technical Reports)

METR 2003-01 Shuji KIJIMA and Tomomi MATSUI, Approximate Counting Scheme for mxn Contingency Tables, 11pp., January 2003. PDF
METR 2003-02 Tomomi MATSUI and Takahiro WATANABE, Multi-Object Auctions with a Single Bundle Bidding for Perfect Complements, 17pp., January 2003. PDF
METR 2003-03 Tomomi MATSUI, Yasuko MATSUI and Yoko ONO, Random Generation of 2x2x...xJ Contingency Tables, 17pp., January 2003. PDF
METR 2003-04 Ken’ichiro TANAKA, Sunao MURASHIGE and Shin’ichi OISHI, On Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Numerical Verification of Double Turning Points, 18pp., January 2003.  
METR 2003-05 Naoki MASUDA and Kazuyuki AIHARA, Spatiotemporal Dual Coding based on Spike-time-dependent Plasticity, 31pp., January 2003.  
METR 2003-06 Mitsugu IWAMOTO and Hirosuke YAMAMOTO, A construction method of visual secret sharing schemes for plural secret images, 15pp., January 2003.  
METR 2003-07 Mizuhito OGAWA, Zhenjiang HU, Isao SASANO and Masato TAKEICHI, Catamorphic Approach to Program Analysis, 22pp., January 2003. PDF
METR 2003-08 Kohei MUROTANI and Kokichi SUGIHARA, Watermarking 3D Polygonal Meshes Using the Singular Spectrum Analysis, 15pp., January 2003. PDF
METR 2003-09 Hiroshi KAWAHARADA and Kokichi SUGIHARA, Compression of Arbitrary Mesh Data Using Subdivision Surfaces, 11pp., February 2003.  
METR 2003-10 Tomomi MATSUI, Mitsuo MOTOKI and Naoyuki KAMATANI, Polynomial Time Approximate Sampler for Discretized Dirichlet Distribution, 12pp., February 2003. PDF
METR 2003-11 Sunao MURASHIGE and Shin'ichi OISHI, Numerical Verification of Solutions of Nekrasov's Integral Equation, 15pp., March 2003.  
METR 2003-12 Tamas FLEINER, Andras FRANK and Satoru IWATA, A Constrained Independent Set Problem for Matroids, 11pp., March 2003. PDF
METR 2003-13 Hideyuki SUZUKI, Shunji ITO and Kazuyuki AIHARA, Double Rotations, 23pp., March 2003. PDF
METR 2003-14 Satoru IWATA and Nozomu ZUIKI, A Network Flow Approach to Cost Allocation for Rooted Trees, 9pp., April 2003. PDF
METR 2003-15 Shuji KIJIMA and Tomomi MATSUI, Polynomial Time Perfect Sampling Algorithm for Two-rowed Contingency Tables, 12pp., April 2003. PDF
METR 2003-16 Kei KOBAYASHI, Hideki KAWASAKI and Akimichi TAKEMURA, Parallel matching for ranking all teams in a tournament, 37pp., April 2003. PDF
METR 2003-17 Tomomi MATSUI and Shuji KIJIMA, Polynomial Time Perfect Sampler for Discretized Dirichlet Distribution, 17pp., April 2003. PDF
METR 2003-18 Kazuo MUROTA and Akiyoshi SHIOURA, Foundamental Properties of M-convex and L-convex Functions in Continuous Variables, 21pp., May 2003. PDF
METR 2003-19 Ken'ichiro TANAKA, Masaaki SUGIHARA and Kazuo MUROTA, Numerical Indefinite Integration by Double Exponential Sinc Method, 23pp., May 2003. PDF
METR 2003-20 Kentaro TANAKA and Akimichi TAKEMURA, Strong consistency of MLE for finite uniform mixtures when the scale parameters are exponentially small, 18pp., May 2003. PDF
METR 2003-21 Kiminori MATSUZAKI, Zhenjiang HU and Masato TAKEICHI, Parallelization with Tree Skeletons, 14pp., June 2003. PDF
METR 2003-22 Yo SHEENA and Akimichi TAKEMURA, An asymptotic expansion of Wishart distribution when the population eigenvalues are infinitely dispersed, 37pp., June 2003. PDF
METR 2003-23 Hiroshi HIRAI and Kazuo MUROTA, M-Convex Functions and Tree Metrics, 17pp., July 2003.  
METR 2003-24 Ryota TOMIOKA, Hidenori KIMURA, Tetsuya KOBAYASHI and Kazuyuki AIHARA, Multivariate Analyses of Noise in Genetic Regulatory Networks, 27pp., July 2003.  
METR 2003-25 Satoshi AOKI and Akimichi TAKEMURA, Invariant minimal Markov basis for sampling contingency tables with fixed marginals, 35pp., July 2003. PDF
METR 2003-26 Jonathan TAYLOR, Akimichi TAKEMURA and Robert ADLERT, Validity of the expected Euler characteristic heuristic, 29pp., August 2003. PDF
METR 2003-27 Tetsuya IWASAKI and Shinji HARA, Generalized KYP Lemma: Unified Characterization of Frequency Domain Inequalities with Applications to System Design, 44pp., August 2003. PDF
METR 2003-28 Ryuhei MIYASHIRO and Tomomi MATSUI, Semidefinite Programming Based Approaches to the Break Minimization Problem, 10pp., August 2003. PDF
METR 2003-29 Ryuhei MIYASHIRO and Tomomi MATSUI, Round-Robin Tournaments with a Small Number of Breaks, 9pp., August 2003. PDF
METR 2003-30 Kazuo MUROTA, Hiroo SAITO and Robert WEISMANTEL, Optimality criterion for a class of nonlinear integer programs, 6pp., August 2003.  
METR 2003-31 Yasunori OKABE and Masaya MATSUURA, On a non-linear filtering problem for multi-dimensional stochastic processes, 56pp., September 2003.  
METR 2003-32 Yasunori OKABE, On a KM_2O-Langevin equation with continuous time (1), 38pp., September 2003.  
METR 2003-33 K. SUGIHARA, M. SAWAI, H. SANO, D.-S. KIM and D. KIM, Disk Packing for the Estimation of the Size of a Wire Bundle, 22pp., Septermber 2003.  
METR 2003-34 Yuichiro MIYAMOTO and Tomomi MATSUI, Linear Time Approximation Algorithm for Multicoloring Lattice Graphs with Diagonals, 7pp., October 2003. PDF
METR 2003-35 Kentaro TANAKA and Akimichi TAKEMURA, Strong consistency of MLE for finite mixtures of location-scale distributions when the scale parameters are exponentially small, 30pp., October 2003. PDF
METR 2003-36 Takaki MAKINO and Kazuyuki AIHARA, Self-observation Principle for Estimating the Other's Internal State, 19pp., October 2003. PDF
METR 2003-37 Tetsuya IWASAKI and Shinji HARA, Static Gain Feedback Control Synthesis with General Frequency Domain Specifications, 17pp., October 2003. PDF
METR 2003-38 Satoshi AOKI and Akimichi TAKEMURA, The list of indispensable moves of the unique minimal Markov basis for 3x4xK and 4x4x4 contingency tables with fixed two-dimensional marginals, 62pp., October 2003. PDF
METR 2003-39 Yasunori OKABE and Masaya MATSUURA, Chaos and KM$_2$O-Langevin equations, 37pp., November 2003.  
METR 2003-40 Tetsushi NISHIDA and Kokichi SUGIHARA, Boat-Sail Voronoi Diagram and Its Computation Based on a Cone-Approximation Scheme, 17pp., November 2003.  
METR 2003-41 Yasunori OKABE and Masaya MATSUURA, On an abnormality test for detecting initial phases of earthquakes, 33pp., December 2003.  
METR 2003-42 Satoru IWATA, Satoko MORIGUCHI and Kazuo MUROTA, A Capacity Scaling Algorithm for M-Convex Submodular Flow, 25pp., December 2003. PDF
METR 2003-43 Fumiyasu KOMAKI, Shrinkage priors for Bayesian prediction, December 2003.  
METR 2003-44 Tetsushi NISHIDA and Kokichi SUGIHARA, Stable Marker-Particle Method for the Voronoi Diagram in a Flow, 19pp., December 2003.  
METR 2003-45 Tetsushi NISHIDA and Kokichi SUGIHARA, FEM-like Fast Marching Method for the Computation of the Boat-Sail Distance and the Associated Voronoi Diagram, 16pp., December 2003. PDF
METR 2003-46 Yoshio TANGE and Koji TSUMURA, Periodically Weighted Model-Matching Problems with LPTV Controllers Formulated in Dual Lifted Forms, 25pp., December 2003. PDF