LIST 2004 (Mathematical Engineering Technical Reports)

METR 2004-01 Keisuke NAKANO, Composing Stack-Attributed Tree Transducers, 32pp., January 2004. PDF
METR 2004-02 Hisamoto HIYOSHI and Kokichi SUGIHARA, Improving the Global Continuity of the Natural Neighbor Interpolation, 12pp., January 2004.  
METR 2004-03 Kazuo MUROTA, A Proof of the M-Convex Intersection Theorem, 8pp., January 2004. PDF
METR 2004-04 Koji TSUMURA, Unification of Modeling, Estimation and Controller Design, 31pp., February 2004.  
METR 2004-05 Atsushi NAKAJIMA and Koji TSUMURA, Congestion Controller Design for TCP/AQM Network Systems, 16pp., February 2004.  
METR 2004-06 Frederic LOULERGUE, Zhenjiang HU and Kazuhiko KAKEHI, A Tutorial Implementation of the Diffusion Algorithmic Skeleton with the BSMLlib Library, 23pp. February 2004. PDF
METR 2004-07 Isao SAIKI, Kiyohiro IKEDA and Kauo MUROTA, Flower Patterns Appearing on a Honeycomb Structure and their Bifurcation Mechanism, 28pp., February 2004.  
METR 2004-08 Shigeru KUBOTA and Kazuyuki AIHARA, Existence of Lyapunov Functional for Neural Field Equation as an Extension of Lyapunov Function for Hopfield Model, 9pp., February 2004. PDF
METR 2004-09 Takuya IIMURA, Kazuo MUROTA and Akihisa TAMURA, Discrete Fixed Point Theorem Reconsidered, 7pp., February 2004. PDF
METR 2004-10 Koji TSUMURA, Asymptotic Property of Optimal Quantization for System Identification, 15pp., February 2004. PDF
METR 2004-11 Kiyohiro IKEDA and Kazuo MUROTA, Strength of imperfect structures and materials ---Probabilistic and group-theoretic approaches, 91pp., February 2004. PDF
METR 2004-12 Kazuo MUROTA, On Infimal Convolution of M-Convex Functions, 7pp., March 2004. PDF
METR 2004-13 Nobuyuki TSUCHIMURA, Computational Results for Gaussian Moat Problem, 14pp., March 2004. PDF
METR 2004-14 Naoki YAMAMOTO, Koji TSUMURA and Shinji HARA, Vector representation of stochastic quantum dynamics and its local reachability and observability, 24pp., March 2004.  
METR 2004-15 Akimichi TAKEMURA and Satoshi AOKI, Distance Reducing Markov Bases for Sampling from Discrete Sample Space, 18pp., March 2004. PDF
METR 2004-16 Tetsushi NISHIDA and Kokichi SUGIHARA, Voronoi Diagram with a Snowmobile Distance, 10pp., March 2004.  
METR 2004-17 Kohei MUROTANI and Kokichi SUGIHARA, Generalized SSA and Its Applications to Watermarking 3D Polygonal Meshes, 23pp., March 2004. PDF
METR 2004-18 Satoru IWATA and Ryo SHIMIZU, Combinatorial Analysis of Generic Matrix Pencils, 12pp., March 2004. PDF
METR 2004-19 Hidehiko KAMIYA, Peter ORLIK, Akimichi TAKEMURA, and Hiroaki TERAO, Ranking Patterns of the Unfolding Model and Arrangements, 29pp., April 2004. PDF
METR 2004-20 Hiroshi KAWAHARADA and Kokichi SUGIHARA, Dual Subdivision (a new class of subdivision schemes using polar transformation), 24pp., April 2004.  
METR 2004-21 Shiro MATUURA, Kazuo MUROTA and Hiroo SAITO, An Integral Basis Method for Preseparable Convex Integer Programs, 13pp., April 2004.  
METR 2004-22 Minoru TAKEO, Hiroko UEDA, Yasunori OKABE and Masaya MATUSYRA, Waveform Characteristics of Deep Low-frequency Earthquakes:Time Series Evolution based on the Theory of KM2O-Langevin Equation, 55pp., April 2004.  
METR 2004-23 Yasuaki OISHI, Polynomial-time Algorithms for Probabilistic Solutions of Parameter-dependent Linear Matrix Inequalities, 22pp., May 2004. PDF
METR 2004-24 Tetsuya KOBAYASHI, Ryota TOMIOKA and Kazuyuki AIHARA, A Graph-Based Analysis of Stochasticity in Intracellular Networks, May 2004.  
METR 2004-25 Tomonari SEI and Fumiyasu KOMAKI, Bayesian Prediction and Model Selection for Locally Asymptotically Mixed Normal Models, 18pp., May 2004. PDF
METR 2004-26 Hiroshi HIRAI, Geometric Study on the Split Decomposition of Finite Metrics, 27pp., May 2004.  
METR 2004-27 Yuji MATSUOKA and Satoru FUJISHIGE, Practical Efficiency of Maximum Flow Algorithms using MA Orderings, 16pp., May 2004. PDF
METR 2004-28 Taiji SUZUKI, Satoshi AOKI and Kazuo MUROTA, Use of Primal-Dual Technique in the Network Algorithm for Two-Way Contingency Tables, 19pp., May 2004. PDF
METR 2004-29 Yuichiro MIYAMOTO and Tomomi MATSUI, Multicoloring Unit Disk Graphs on Triangular Lattice Points, 14pp., May 2004. PDF
METR 2004-30 Satoko MORIGUCHI and Kazuo MUROTA, Discrete Hessian Matrix for L-convex Functions, 11pp., June 2004. PDF
METR 2004-31 Kazuo MUROTA, Note on Multimodularity and L-Convexity, 7pp., June 2004. PDF
METR 2004-32 Hiroo SAITO, Tetsuya FUJIE, Tomomi MATSUI and Shiro MATUURA, The Quadratic Semi-Assignment Polytope, 22pp., June 2004. PDF
METR 2004-33 Kiyohito NAGANO, A Strongly Polynomial Algorithm for Line Search in Submodular Polyhedra, 14pp., June 2004. PDF
METR 2004-34 Yasushi IWATANI and Shinji HARA, Stability Analysis and Stabilization for Bimodal Piecewise Linear Systems Based on Eigenvalue Loci, 25pp., June 2004. PDF
METR 2004-35 Yasuaki OISHI, Probabilistic Design of a Robust Controller using a Parameter-dependent Lyapunov Function, 15pp., June 2004. PDF
METR 2004-36 Kei KOBAYASHI and Fumiyasu KOMAKI, Risk-sensitive Mixed Discrete-Gaussian Networks, 28pp., June 2004. PDF
METR 2004-37 Tomonari SEI, Local Asymptotic Mixed Normality of Transformed Gaussian Models for Random Fields, 24pp., July 2004.  
METR 2004-38 Yasushi IWATANI and Shinji HARA, Exact Stability Tests for Planarand Multi-modal Piecewise Linear Systems, 15pp., August 2004. PDF
METR 2004-39 Shigeru KUBOTA, Kosuke HAMAGUCHI and Kazuyuki AIHARA, Graphic Analysis of Pattern Formation in One-dimensional Neural Field Model, 38pp., August 2004. PDF
METR 2004-40 Shigeru KUBOTA, Tsuyoshi OKAMOTO, Kosuke HAMAGUCHI and Kazuyuki AIHARA, A Model of Visual Working Memory : Examining Effect of Intervening Stimulus on Network Dynamics, 25pp., August 2004. PDF
METR 2004-41 Hiroshi HIRAI, Kazuo MUROTA and Masaki RIKITOKU, SVM Kernel by Electric Network, 17pp., August 2004. PDF
METR 2004-42 Naonori KAKIMURA and Satoru IWATA, Computing the Inertia from Sign Patterns, 11pp., October 2004. PDF
METR 2004-43 Kazuo MUROTA, M-Convex Functions on Jump Systems: A General Framework for Minsquare Graph Factor Problem, 20pp., November 2004. PDF
METR 2004-44 Takaharu YAGUCHI and Kokichi SUGIHARA, An Extension of Hedstrom's Nonreflecting Boundary Condition to Non Simple Wave Solutions, 5pp., November 2004.  
METR 2004-45 Takaharu YAGUCHI and Kokichi SUGIHARA, A New Characteristic Nonreflecting Boundary Condition for Multidimensional Navier-Stokes Equations, 8pp., November 2004.  
METR 2004-46 Takaaki NARA, Junji OOHAMA and Shigeru ANDO, Direct Reconstruction of Current Dipoles Using the Vector Green Formula, 15pp., November 2004.  
METR 2004-47 Hisayuki HARA and Akimichi TAKEMURA, Simultaneous Estimation of the Means in Some Poisson Log Linear Models, 19pp., December 2004. PDF
METR 2004-48 Kokichi SUGIHARA and Shiro MATUURA, Use of Digital Topology for Robust Geometric Computation, 15pp., December 2004.