LIST 2005 (Mathematical Engineering Technical Reports)

METR 2005-01 Hiroshi KAWAHARADA and Kokichi SUGIHARA, Dual Subdivision (a new class of subdivision schemes using projective duality), 26pp., January 2005. PDF
METR 2005-02 Hiroshi KAWAHARADA and Kokichi SUGIHARA, Line Subdivision, 25pp., January 2005.  
METR 2005-03 Koji TSUMURA, Criteria for System Identification with Quantized Data and the Optimal Quantization Schemes, 14pp., January 2005.  
METR 2005-04 Koji TSUMURA and Jan MACIEJOWSKI, Analysis on Optimal Quantization of Signals for System Identification and the Effect of Noise, 35pp., January 2005. PDF
METR 2005-05 Yoshito HIRATA, Shunsuke HORAI, Hideyuki SUZUKI and Kazuyuki AIHARA, Wayland Method Can Rate Some Datasets as Less Deterministic Than their Random Shuffle Surrogates, 9pp., February 2005. PDF
METR 2005-06 Masaki MORIGUCHI and Kokichi SUGIHARA, Isotropic and Feature-Preserving Mesh Simplification Based on Constrained Centroidal Voronoi Diagrams, 13pp., February 2005.  
METR 2005-07 Ayami SUZUKA, Ryuhei MIYASHIRO, Akiko YOSHISE and Tomomi MATSUI, Semidefinite Programming Based Approaches to Home-away Assignment Problems in Sports Scheduling, 11pp., February 2005. PDF
METR 2005-08 Hisayuki HARA and Akimichi TAKEMURA, Improving on the Maximum Likelihood Estimators of the means in Poisson Decomposable Graphical Models, 26pp., March 2005. PDF
METR 2005-09 Kento EMOTO, Zhenjiang HU, Kazuhiko KAKEHI and Masato TAKEICHI, A Compositional Framework for Developing Parallel Programs on Two-Dimensional Arrays, 41pp., April 2005. PDF
METR 2005-10 Satoshi KURIKI and Akimichi TAKEMURA, Euler Characteristic Heuristic for Approximating the Distribution of the Largest Eigenvalue of an Orthogonally Invariant Random Matrix, 35pp., May 2005. PDF
METR 2005-11 Akimasa MORIHATA, Kazuhiko KAKEHI, Zhenjiang HU and Masato TAKEICHI, Reversing Iterations: IO Swapping Leads You There And Back Again, 17pp., May 2005. PDF
METR 2005-12 Shuji KIJIMA and Tomomi MATSUI, Polynomial-time Randomized Approximation and Perfect Sampler for Closed Jackson Networks with Single Servers, 19pp., May 2005. PDF
METR 2005-13 Yuzo MARUYAMA and Akimichi TAKEMURA, Admissibility and Minimaxity of Generalized Bayes Estimators for Spherically Symmetric Family, 21pp., June 2005. PDF
METR 2005-14 Satoshi AOKI and Akimichi TAKEMURA, The Largest Group of Invariance for Markov Bases and Toric Ideals, 30pp., June 2005. PDF
METR 2005-15 Kazuo MUROTA and Ken'ichiro TANAKA, A Steepest Descent Algorithm for M-Convex Functions on Jump Systems, 11pp., June 2005. PDF
METR 2005-16 Satoru IWATA and Yusuke KOBAYASHI, An Algorithm for Minimum Cost Arc-Connectivity Orientations, 9pp., June 2005. PDF
METR 2005-17 Kenjiro TAKAZAWA, A Weighted Even Factor Algorithm, 9pp., July 2005. PDF
METR 2005-18 Shinji HARA, Tetsuya IWASAKI and Daisuke SHIOKATA, Robust PID Control via Generalized KYP Synthesis, 25pp., July 2005. PDF
METR 2005-19 Takayasu MATSUO, Arbitrary High-order Conservative or Dissipative Method for Ordinary Differential Equations and its Block Algorithm, 11pp., July 2005. PDF
METR 2005-20 Masayuki KUMON and Akimichi TAKEMURA, On a Simple Strategy Weakly Forcing the Strong Law of Large Numbers in the Bounded Forecasting Game, 15pp., August 2005. PDF
METR 2005-21 Hiroo SAITO, The Symmetric Quadratic Semi-Assignment Polytope, 17pp., August 2005. PDF
METR 2005-22 Hisayuki HARA and Akimichi TAKEMURA, Bayes Admissible Estimation of the Means in Poisson Decomposable Graphical Models, 29pp., August 2005. PDF
METR 2005-23 Kei KOBAYASHI and Fumiyasu KOMAKI, Information Criteria for Kernel Machines, 27pp., August 2005. PDF
METR 2005-24 Hiroshi HIRAI, Kazuo MUROTA and Masaki RIKITOKU, Electric Network Classifiers for Semi-Supervised Learning on Graphs, 11pp., August 2005. PDF
METR 2005-25 Akimichi TAKEMURA and Taiji SUZUKI, Game Theoretic Derivation of Discrete Distributions and Discrete Pricing Formulas, 16pp., September 2005. PDF
METR 2005-26 Mizuyo TAKAMATSU, Yasuaki OISHI and Kenji HIRATA, Analysis of a Nonlinear System using Interval Arithmetic: Computation of an Output Admissible Set, 13pp., September 2005. PDF
METR 2005-27 Ayami SUZUKA, Ryuhei MIYASHIRO, Akiko YOSHISE and Tomomi MATSUI, Dependent Randomized Rounding to the Home-away Assignment Problem in Sports Scheduling, 9pp., September 2005. PDF
METR 2005-28 Yuichiro MIYAMOTO and Tomomi MATSUI, Approximation Algorithms for Minimum Span Channel Assignment Problems, 11pp., September 2005. PDF
METR 2005-29 Toshinari ITOKO and Satoru IWATA, Computational Geometric Approach to Submodular Function Minimization for Multiclass Queueing Systems, 10pp., October 2005. PDF
METR 2005-30 Kiminori MATSUZAKI, Zhenjiang HU and Masato TAKEICHI, Design and Implementation of General Tree Skeletons, 46pp., October 2005. PDF
METR 2005-31 Fuyuhiko TANAKA and Fumiyasu KOMAKI, Asymptotic Expansion of the Risk Difference of the Bayesian Spectral Density in the ARMA model, 21pp., October 2005.  
METR 2005-32 Masayuki KUMON, Akimichi TAKEMURA and Kei TAKEUCHI, Capital Process and Optimality Properties of Bayesian Skeptic in the Fair and Biased Coin Games, 18pp., October 2005. PDF
METR 2005-33 Kazumichi OHTSUKA, Norio KONNO, Naoki MASUDA and Kazuyuki AIHARA, Phase Diagrams and Correlation Inequalities of a Three-state Stochastic Epidemic Model on the Square Lattice, 14pp., October 2005. PDF
METR 2005-34 Satoshi AOKI, Akimichi TAKEMURA and Ruriko YOSHIDA, Indispensable Monomials of Toric Ideals and Markov Bases, 17pp., November 2005. PDF
METR 2005-35 Yoshito HIRATA, Yuichi KATORI, Hideyuki SUZUKI and Kazuyuki AIHARA, Testing a Neural Coding Hypothesis using Surrogate Data, 10pp., November 2005.  
METR 2005-36 Naonori KAKIMURA and Yusuke KOBAYASHI, On Odd-Cycle-Symmetry of Digraphs, 6pp., November 2005. PDF
METR 2005-37 Takayasu MATSUO, New Conservative Schemes with Discrete Variational Derivatives for Nonlinear Wave Equations, 35pp., November 2005. PDF
METR 2005-38 Kokichi SUGIHARA, Sliver-free Perturbation for the Delaunay Tetrahedrization, 17pp., December 2005.  
METR 2005-39 Fumiyasu KOMAKI, Asymptotic Theory of Shrinkage Priors for Bayesian Prediction, December 2005.  
METR 2005-40 Hiroo SAITO and Kazuo MUROTA, Benders Decomposition Approach to Robust Mixed Integer Programming, December 2005. PDF