LIST 2006 (Mathematical Engineering Technical Reports)

METR 2006-01 Hiroshi KAWAHARADA and Kokichi SUGIHARA, C^k-continuity of Stationary Subdivision Schemes, 25pp., January 2006. PDF
METR 2006-02 Kiyohiro IKEDA, Kazuo MUROTA, Akito YANAGIMOTO and Hirohisa NOGUCHI, Improvement of the Scaled Corrector Method for Bifurcation Analysis Using Symmetry-Exploiting Block-Diagonalization, 35pp., January 2006. PDF
METR 2006-03 Akiyoshi SHIOURA, Note on L#-convex Function Minimization Algorithms: Comparison of Murota's and Kolmogorov's Algorithms, 10pp., January 2006. PDF
METR 2006-04 Hideaki ISHII, Chihiro OHYAMA and Koji TSUMURA, Performance Analysis of Control Systems under Limited Data Rates, 20pp., January 2006.  
METR 2006-05 Ayami SUZUKA, Ryuhei MIYASHIRO, Akiko YOSHISE and Tomomi MATSUI, The Home-Away Assignment Problems and Break Minimization/Maximization Problems in Sports Scheduling, 23pp, January 2006. PDF
METR 2006-06 Tetsuya IWASAKI and Shinji HARA, Dynamic Output Feedback Synthesis with General Frequency Domain Specifications, 17pp., January 2006. PDF
METR 2006-07 Koji TSUMURA, Optimal Quantizer for Mixed Probabilistic/Deterministic Parameter Estimation, 14pp., January 2006.  
METR 2006-08 Tomohisa HAYAKAWA, Hideaki ISHII and Koji TSUMURA, Adaptive Quantized Control for Nonlinear Uncertain Systems, 17pp., January 2006.  
METR 2006-09 Tomomi MATSUI, Mitsuo MOTOKI, Naoyuki KAMATANI and Shuji KIJIMA, Polynomial Time Approximate/Perfect Samplers for Discretized Dirichlet Distribution, 30pp., January 2006. PDF
METR 2006-10 Yasuaki OISHI, A Region-Dividing Approach to Robust Semidefinite Programming and Its Error Bound, 22pp., February 2006. PDF
METR 2006-11 Toni BAKHTIAR and Shinji HARA, H2 Regulation Performance Limitations for SIMO Linear Time-invariant Feedback Control Systems, 28pp., February 2006. PDF
METR 2006-12 Kenjirou SUZUKI, Yasunori OKABE and Takaaki FUJII, On a Non-linear Risk Analysis for Stock Market Indexes, 21pp., February 2006.  
METR 2006-13 Yusuke KOBAYASHI, Kazuo MUROTA and Ken'ichiro TANAKA, Operations on M-convex Functions on Jump Systems, 27pp., February 2006. PDF
METR 2006-14 Masayuki KUMON, Akimichi TAKEMURA and Kei TAKEUCHI, Game-theoretic Versions of Strong Law of Large Numbers for Unbounded Variables, 21pp., March 2006. PDF
METR 2006-15 Akimichi TAKEMURA and Ruriko YOSHIDA, Fundamental Holes and Saturation Points of a Commutative Semigroup and their Applications to Contingency Tables, 20pp., March 2006. PDF
METR 2006-16 Yushi ENDO and Akimichi TAKEMURA, Iterative Proportional Scaling via Decomposable Submodels for Contingency Tables, 18pp., March 2006. PDF
METR 2006-17 Akimichi TAKEMURA and Yushi ENDO, Evaluation of Per-record Identification Risk and Swappability of Records in a Microdata Set via Decomposable Models, 12pp., March 2006. PDF
METR 2006-18 Akimichi TAKEMURA and Hisayuki Hara, Conditions for Swappability of Records in a Microdata Set when some Marginals are Fixed, 12pp., March 2006. PDF
METR 2006-19 Shinji IMAHORI, Mutsunori YAGIURA and Hiroshi NAGAMOCHI, Practical Algorithms for Two-dimensional Packing, 22pp., March 2006. PDF
METR 2006-20 Tomoaki NISHIMURA and Fumiyasu KOMAKI, The Information Geometric Structure of Generalized Empirical Likelihood Estimators, 14pp., March 2006. PDF
METR 2006-21 Satoru IWATA and Takuro MATSUDA, Finding Coherent Cyclic Orders in Strong Digraphs, 5pp., March 2006. PDF
METR 2006-22 Hideaki ISHII and Shinji HARA, A Subband Coding Approach to Control under Limited Data Rates and Message Losses, 18pp., April 2006. PDF
METR 2006-23 Akiyoshi SHIOURA and Ken'ichiro TANAKA, Polynomial-Time Algorithms for Linear and Convex Optimization on Jump Systems, 21pp., April 2006. PDF
METR 2006-24 Satoru IWATA and Kenjiro TAKAZAWA, The Independent Even Factor Problem, 17pp., April 2006. PDF
METR 2006-25 Dongxi LIU, Zhenjiang HU and Masato TAKEICHI, Bidirectionalizing XQuery -- Updating XML through Materialized XQuery View, 39pp., April 2006. PDF
METR 2006-26 Hideyuki SAKAI and Kokichi SUGIHARA, Stable and Topology-Preserving Extraction of Medial Axes, 12pp., April 2006.  
METR 2006-27 Satoru IWATA and Naonori KAKIMURA, Solving Linear Programs from Sign Patterns, 21pp., May 2006. PDF
METR 2006-28 M. SAKASHITA, K. MAKINO, H. NAGAMOCHI and S. FUJISHIGE, Minimum Transversals in Posi-Modular Systems, 19pp., May 2006.  
METR 2006-29 Akimichi TAKEMURA and Ruriko YOSHIDA, Saturation Points on Faces of a Rational Polyhedral Cone, 15pp., May 2006. PDF
METR 2006-30 Fuyuhiko TANAKA and Fumiyasu KOMAKI, A Superharmonic Prior for the Autoregressive Process of the Second Order, 9pp., May 2006. PDF
METR 2006-31 Fuyuhiko TANAKA, Kubo-Mori-Bogoliubov Fisher Information on the Quantum Gaussian Model and a Perturbative Method, 12pp., May 2006.  
METR 2006-32 Aiko MIYAMURA IDETA, Gouhei TANAKA, Takumi TAKEMUCHI and Kazuyuki AIHARA, A Mathematical Model of Intermittent Androgen Suppression Remedy for Prostate Cancer, 21pp., May 2006. PDF
METR 2006-33 Shinji HARA and Toni BAKHTIAR, H2 Tracking Performance Limitations for SIMO Feedback Systems: A Unified Approach to Control Input Penalty Case, 26pp., May 2006. PDF
METR 2006-34 Shuji KIJIMA and Tomomi MATSUI, Randomized Approximation Scheme and Perfect Sampler for Closed Jackson Networks with Multiple Servers, 18pp., June 2006. PDF
METR 2006-35 Ikkyu AIHARA, Hiroyuki KITAHATA, Kazuyuki AIHARA and Kenichi YOSHIKAWA, Periodic Rhythm and Anti-phase Synchronization in Calling Behaviors of Japanese Rain Frogs, 10pp., June 2006. PDF
METR 2006-36 Toshihide IBARAKI, Shinji IMAHORI, Koji NONOBE, Kensuke SOBUE, Takeaki UNO and Mutsunori YAGIURA, An Iterated Local Search Algorithm for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Convex Time Penalty Functions, 25pp., June 2006. PDF
METR 2006-37 Ken'ichiro TANAKA, Masaaki SUGIHARA and Kazuo MUROTA, Complex Analytic Approach to the Sinc-Gauss Sampling Formula, 25pp., June 2006. PDF
METR 2006-38 Hidehiko KAMIYA and Akimichi TAKEMURA, Hierarchical Orbital Decompositions and Extended Decomposable Distributions, 21pp., June 2006. PDF
METR 2006-39 Yoshihiro KANNO and Izuru TAKEWAKI, Worst-Case Plastic Limit Analysis of Trusses under Uncertain Loads via Mixed 0-1 Programming, 29pp., July 2006. PDF
METR 2006-40 Ryota TOMIOKA, Guido DORNHEGE, Guido NOLTE, Benjamin BLANKERTZ, Kazuyuki AIHARA and Klaus-Robert MULLER, Spectrally Weighted Common Spatial Pattern Algorithm for Single Trial EEG Classification, July 2006.  
METR 2006-41 Hisayuki HARA and Akimichi TAKEMURA, Boundary Cliques, Clique Trees and Perfect Sequences of Maximal Cliques of a Chordal Graph, 24pp., July 2006. PDF
METR 2006-42 Hiroshi KAWAHARADA and Kokichi SUGIHARA, Laplacian Subdivision and Optimal Schemes, 24pp., July 2006. PDF
METR 2006-43 Yusuke KOBAYASHI and Kazuo MUROTA, Induction of M-convex Functions by Linking Systems, 11pp., July 2006. PDF
METR 2006-44 Koji FUKUDA, Yoshito HIRATA and Kazuyuki AIHARA, Non-Generating Partitions for Surjective Tent Map, July 2006.  
METR 2006-45 Koji FUKUDA, Yoshito HIRATA and Kazuyuki AIHARA, Estimating Good Local Cross Sections of Expansive Flows, July 2006.  
METR 2006-46 Raymond HEMMECKE, Akimichi TAKEMURA and Ruriko YOSHIDA, Computing Holes in Semi-Groups, 8pp., July 2006. PDF
METR 2006-47 Akimichi TAKEMURA, Muneya MATSUI and Satoshi KURIKI, Skewness and Kurtosis as Locally Best Invariant Tests of Normality, 25pp., August 2006. PDF
METR 2006-48 Nobutomo FUJIWARA, Shinji IMAHORI and Tomomi MATSUI and Ryuhei MIYASHIRO, Constructive Algorithms for the Constant Distance Traveling Tournament Problem, 10pp., August 2006. PDF
METR 2006-49 Yo SHEENA and Akimichi TAKEMURA, Asymptotic Distribution of Wishart Matrix for Block-wise Dispersion of Population Eigenvalues, 36pp., September 2006. PDF
METR 2006-50 Takayasu MATSUO, Dissipative/conservative Galerkin Method using Discrete Partial Derivatives for Nonlinear Evolution Equations, 15pp., October 2006. PDF
METR 2006-51 Tomonari SEI, Parametric Modeling Based on the Gradient Maps of Convex Functions, 26pp., October 2006. PDF
METR 2006-52 Masaru IWASA, Hiroo SAITO and Tomomi MATSUI, Approximation Algorithms for the Single Allocation Problem in Hub-and-Spoke Networks and Related Metric Labeling Problems, 18pp., October 2006. PDF
METR 2006-53 Koji TSUMURA, Global Stabilization of N-dimensional Quantum Spin Systems via Continuous Feedback, 16pp., October 2006. PDF
METR 2006-54 Zhenjiang HU, Dongxi LIU, Hong MEI, Masato TAKEICHI, Yingfei XIONG and Haiyan ZHAO, A Compositional Approach to Bidirectional Model Transformation, 22pp., October 2006. PDF
METR 2006-55 Tomohisa HAYAKAWA, Takuji MATSUZAWA and Shinji HARA, Formation Control of Multi-Agent Systems with Sampled Information -- Relationship Between Information Exchange Structure and Control Performance --, 16pp., November 2006. PDF
METR 2006-56 Satoshi AOKI and Akimichi TAKEMURA, Markov Chain Monte Carlo Tests for Designed Experiments, 23pp., November 2006. PDF
METR 2006-57 Shungo KOICHI, The Buneman Index via Polyhedral Split Decomposition, 35pp., November 2006. PDF
METR 2006-58 Takaaki NARA, Nobutaka ITO, Shigeru ANDO, Tomonori TAKAMATSU and Tetsuya SAKURAI, Direct Computation of Harmonic Moments for Tomographic Reconstruction, November 2006.  
METR 2006-59 Kensuke AISHIMA, Takayasu MATSUO, Kazuo MUROTA and Masaaki SUGIHARA, On Convergence of the dqds Algorithm for Singular Value Computation, 16pp., November 2006.   PDF
METR 2006-60 Naonori KAKIMURA, Sign-Solvable Linear Complementarity Problems, 11pp., November 2006. PDF
METR 2006-61 Satoru IWATA, Linking Systems and Matroid Pencils, 13pp., November 2006. PDF
METR 2006-62 Attila BERNATH, Satoru IWATA, Tamas KIRALY, Zoltan KIRALY and Zoltan SZIGETI, Recent Results on Well-Balanced Orientations, 24pp., November 2006. PDF
METR 2006-63 Yasuaki OISHI and Yusuke ISAKA, Exploiting Sparsity in the Matrix-Dilation Approach to Robust Semidefinite Programming, 19pp., November 2006. PDF
METR 2006-64 Kazuhiko KAKEHI, Kiminori MATSUZAKI, Kento EMOTO and Zhenjiang HU, An Practicable Framework for Tree Reductions under Distributed Memory Environments, 21pp., December 2006. PDF
METR 2006-65 Kiminori MATSUZAKI and Zhenjiang HU, Efficient Implementation of Tree Skeletons on Distributed-Memory Parallel Computers, 22pp., December 2006. PDF
METR 2006-66 Hisayuki HARA, Satoshi AOKI and Akimichi TAKEMURA, Fibers of Sample Size Two of Hierarchical Models and Markov Bases of Decomposable Models for Contingency Tables, 18pp., December 2006. PDF