LIST 2007 (Mathematical Engineering Technical Reports)

METR 2007-01 Toshihide IBARAKI, Shinji IMAHORI and Mutsunori YAGIURA, Hybrid Metaheuristics for Packing Problems, 34pp., January 2007. PDF
METR 2007-02 Mizuyo TAKAMATSU and Satoru IWATA, Index Reduction for Differential-Algebraic Equations by Substitution Method, 10pp., January 2007. PDF
METR 2007-03 Yusuke KUROKI and Tomomi MATSUI, Approximation Algorithm for Multidimensional Assignment Problem Minimizing the Sum of Squared Errors, 20pp., January 2007. PDF
METR 2007-04 Yuji MATSUOKA, Fractional Packing in Ideal Clutters, 13pp., January 2007. PDF
METR 2007-05 Kento EMOTO, Kiminori MATSUZAKI, Zhenjiang HU and Masato TAKEICHI, Domain-Specific Optimization for Skeleton Programs Involving Neighbor Elements, 29pp., February 2007. PDF
METR 2007-06 Kazuhisa MAKINO and Hirotaka ONO, Deductive Inference for the Interiors and Exteriors of Horn Theories, 19pp., February 2007.   PDF
METR 2007-07 Ken'ichiro TANAKA, Masaaki SUGIHARA, Kazuo MUROTA and Masatake MORI, Function Classes for Double Exponential Integration Formulas, 26pp., February 2007. PDF
METR 2007-08 Ken'ichiro TANAKA, Masaaki SUGIHARA and Kazuo MUROTA, Function Classes for Successful DE-Sinc Approximations, 28pp., February 2007. PDF
METR 2007-09 Yasuhiro OHARA and Shinji IMAHORI, Computing a DAG using MA Ordering for the All-to-one Maximum Flow Routing Problem, 11pp., February 2007. PDF
METR 2007-10 T. Shimada and K. Aihara, A Nonlinear Model with Competition between Tumor Cells and its Application to Intermittent Androgen Suppression Therapy of Prostate Cancer, February 2007.  
METR 2007-11 Shungo KOICHI, Polyhedral Split Decomposition of Distances from the Viewpoint of Discrete Convex Analysis, 18pp., February 2007. PDF
METR 2007-12 Kensuke AISHIMA, Takayasu MATSUO, Kazuo MUROTA and Masaaki SUGIHARA, A Shift Strategy for Superquadratic Convergence in the dqds Algorithm for Singular Values, 17pp., March 2007. PDF
METR 2007-13 Xin XIN and Shinji HARA and Masahiro KANEDA, Reduced-Order Proper $H_\infty$ Controllers for Descriptor Systems: Existence Conditions and LMI-Based Design Algorithms, 21pp., March 2007. PDF
METR 2007-14 Yusuke KOBAYASHI, An Extension of the Disjoint Paths Problem, 14pp., March 2007. PDF
METR 2007-15 Kensuke AISHIMA, Takayasu MATSUO, Kazuo MUROTA, Rigorous Proof of Cubic Convergence for the dqds Algorithm for Singular Values, 19pp., March 2007. PDF
METR 2007-16 Shunichi NOMURA and Akimichi TAKEMURA, Generalized Zig-Zag Products of Regular Digraphs and Bounds on their Spectral Expansions, 16pp., March 2007. PDF
METR 2007-17 Yosunori HORIKOSHI and Akimichi TAKEMURA, Implications of Contrarian and One-sided Strategies for the Fair-coin Game, 20pp., March 2007. PDF
METR 2007-18 Masaaki KANNO, Shinji HARA and Masahiko ONISHI, Characterization of Easily Controllable Plants Based on the Finite Frequency Phase/Gain Property: A Magic Number $\sqrt{4+2\sqrt{2}}$ in $H_\infty$ Loop Shaping Design, 32pp., March 2007. PDF
METR 2007-19 Hidehiko KAMIYA, Akimichi TAKEMURA and Hiroaki TERAO, Periodicity of Hyperplane Arrangements with Integral Coefficients Modulo Positive Integers, 14pp., April 2007. PDF
METR 2007-20 Shinji IMAHORI, Motoki KUSHIYA, Takeru NAKASHIMA and Kokichi SUGIHARA, Generation of Cutter Paths for Hard Material, 14pp., April 2007. PDF
METR 2007-21 Satoshi AOKI, Takayuki HIBI, Hidefumi OHSUGI and Akimichi TAKEMURA, Markov Basis and Groebner Basis of Segre-Veronese Configuration for Testing Independence in Group-wise Selections, 25pp., April 2007. PDF
METR 2007-22 Y. Kanno and I. Takewaki, Ellipsoidal Bounds for Static Response of Framed Structures against Interactive Uncertainties, 20pp., April 2007. PDF
METR 2007-23 Yo SHEENA and Akimichi TAKEMURA, Inference on Eigenvalues of Wishart Distribution Using Asymptotics with respect to the Dispersion of Population Eigenvalues, 11pp., April 2007. PDF
METR 2007-24 Leonid KHACHIYAN, Endre BOROS, Khaled ELBASSIONI, Vladimir GURVUICH and Kazuhisa MAKINO, Dual-Bounded Generating Problems: Efficient and Inefficient points for Discrete Probability Distributions and Sparse Boxes for Multidimensional Data, 25pp., April 2007. PDF
METR 2007-25 Kazuhisa MAKINO, Suguru TAMAKI and Masaki YAMAMOTO, On the Boolean Connectivity Problem for Horn Relations, 17pp., April 2007. PDF
METR 2007-26 Makoto OHSAKI and Yoshihiro KANNO, Stability Analysis of Cable--Bar Structures by Inverse-Power Method for Eigenvalue Analysis with Penalization, 14pp., April 2007. PDF
METR 2007-27 Kokichi SUGIHARA, Artistic Pattern Geleration by a Model of Territory Competing, 7pp., April 2007. PDF
METR 2007-28 Leonid KHACHIYAN, Endre BOROS, Konrad BORYS, Khaled ELBASSIONI, Vladimir GURVICH and Kazuhisa MAKINO, Generating Cut Conjunctions in Graphs and Related Problems, 32pp., April 2007. PDF
METR 2007-29 Mariko SAKASHITA, Kazuhisa MAKINO and Satoru FUJISHIGE, Minimizing a Monotone Concave Function with Laminar Covering Constraints, 23pp., April 2007. PDF
METR 2007-30 Tetsushi NISHIDA, Shingo ONO and Kokichi SUGIHARA, Direct Diffusion Method for the Construction of Generalized Voronoi Diagrams, May 2007.
METR 2007-31 Yoshihiro KANNO and Makoto OHSAKI, Eigenvalue Optimization of Structures via Polynomial Semidefinite Programming, 30pp., May 2007. PDF
METR 2007-32 Ornwadee RATANAPINUNCHAI, Hideaki ISHII and Shinji HARA, Feedback Control through Networks with Packet Loss: Mixed H-2/H-infinity Approach and Application to a Teleoperating System, 21pp., May 2007. PDF
METR 2007-33 Satoru IWATA and Mizuyo TAKAMATSU, Index Minimization of Differential-Algebraic Equations in Hybrid Analysis for Circuit Simulation, 18pp., May 2007. PDF
METR 2007-34 Daya GAUR and Kazuhisa MAKINO, On the Fractional Chromatic Number of Monotone Self-Dual Boolean Functions, 17pp., June 2007. PDF
METR 2007-35 Endre BOROS, Khaled ELBASSIONI, Vladimir GURVICH and Kazuhisa MAKINO, Generating Vertices of Polyhedra and Related Problems of Monotone Generation 37pp., June, 2007. PDF
METR 2007-36 Yusuke KOBAYASHI and Kenjiro TAKAZAWA, Even Factors, Jump Systems, and Discrete Convexity, 25pp., June, 2007. PDF
METR 2007-37 Kokichi SUGIHARA and Tetsushi NISHIDA, Stable Computation of the Optimal Path for a Boar on a Water Stream and its Applications, 5pp., June, 2007. PDF
METR 2007-38 Tomohisa HAYAKAWA, Hideaki ISHII and Koji TSUMURA, Adaptive Quantized Control for Linear Uncertain Discrete-time Systems, 27pp., June, 2007. PDF
METR 2007-39 Mariko SAKASHITA, Kazuhisa MAKINO and Satoru FUJISHIGE, Minimum Cost Source Location Problems with Flow Requirements, 31pp., July, 2007. PDF
METR 2007-40 Leonid KHACHIYAN, Endre BOROS, Konrad BORYS, Khaled ELBASSIONI, Vladimir GURVICH and Kazuhisa MAKINO, Enumerating Spanning and Connected Subsets in Graphs and Matroids, 18pp., July, 2007. PDF
METR 2007-41 Kokichi SUGIHARA, Computer-Aided Creation of Impossible Objects and Impossible Motions, 14pp., July, 2007. PDF
METR 2007-42 Hidehiko KAMIYA, Akimichi TAKEMURA and Hiroaki TERAO, The Characteristic Quasi-Polynomials of the Arrangements of Root Systems, 24pp., July, 2007. PDF
METR 2007-43 Kiyohito NAGANO, A Faster Parametric Submodular Function Minimization Algorithm and Applications, 14pp., July, 2007. PDF
METR 2007-44 Kazutaka MATSUDA, Zhenjiang HU, Keisuke NAKANO, Makoto HAMANA and Masato TAKEICHI, Bidirectionalization Transformation based on Automatic Derivation of View Complement Function, 38pp., July, 2007. PDF
METR 2007-45 Yoshihiro KANNO and Izuru TAKEWAKI, Semidefinite Programming for Uncertain Linear Equations in Static Analysis of Structures, 30pp., July, 2007. PDF
METR 2007-46 Kei TAKEUCHI, Masayuki KUMON and Akimichi TAKEMURA, A New Formulation of Asset Trading Games in Continuous Time with Essential Forcing of Variation Exponent, 16pp., August, 2007. PDF
METR 2007-47 Tanagorn JENNAWASIN and Yasuaki OISHI, A Region-Dividing Technique for Constructing the Sum-of-Squares Approximations to Robust Semidefinite Programs, August, 2007.
METR 2007-48 Koji TSUMURA, Global Stabilization at Arbitrary Eigenstates of N-dimensional Quantum Spin Systems via Continuous Feedback, 13pp., August, 2007. PDF
METR 2007-49 Hisayuki HARA, Akimichi TAKEMURA and Ruriko YOSHIDA, Markov Bases for Two-way Subtable Sum Problems, 23pp., August, 2007. PDF
METR 2007-50 Satoru IWATA and Mizuyo TAKAMATSU, Computing the Degrees of All Cofactors in Mixed Polynomial Matrices, 15pp., August, 2007. PDF
METR 2007-51 Masaaki KANNO, Shinji HARA, Hirokazu ANAI and Kazuhiro YOKOYAMA, Sum of Roots, Polynomial Spectral Factorization, and Control Performance Limitations, 19pp., September, 2007. PDF
METR 2007-52 Kazuo MUROTA, Yoshihiro KANNO, Masakazu KOJIMA and Sadayoshi KOJIMA, A Numerical Algorithm for Block-Diagonal Decomposition of Matrix *-Algebras, 30pp., September, 2007. PDF
METR 2007-53 Shinji IMAHORI and Mutsunori YAGIURA, The Best-fit Heuristic for the Rectangular Strip Packing Problem: An Efficient Implementation, 13pp., September, 2007. PDF
METR 2007-54 Satoshi AOKI and Akimichi TAKEMURA, Markov Basis for Design of Experiments with Three-Level Factors, 17pp., September, 2007. PDF
METR 2007-55 Kunihisa OKANO, Shinji HARA and Hideaki ISHII, Characterization of a Complementary Sensitivity Property in Feedback Control: An Information Theoretic Approach, 16pp., September, 2007. PDF
METR 2007-56 Hidetoshi SHIMOKAWA and Kazuyuki AIHARA, State Estimation under Information Constraints with Memory-less Encoders, 13pp., October, 2007. PDF
METR 2007-57 Tetsushi NISHIDA, Yoshiaki TANAKA and Kokichi SUGIHARA, Evaluation of the Precision for Exact Computation of a Circle Voronoi Diagram, 18pp., October, 2007. PDF
METR 2007-58 Satoshi KURIKI and Akimichi TAKEMURA, The Tube Method for the Moment Index in Projection Pursuit, 15pp., November, 2007. PDF
METR 2007-59 Satoko MORIGUCHI and Nobuyuki TSUCHIMURA, Discrete L-/M-Convex Function Minimization Based on Continuous Relaxation, 14pp., November, 2007. PDF
METR 2007-60 Hong FAN, Zhijie WANG and Kazuyuki AIHARA, Hidden Feedback Mechanism in a Multi-regional Economic Network, December, 2007.
METR 2007-61 Akimasa MORIHATA, Kiminori MATSUZAKI, Zhenjiang HU and Masato TAKEICHI, Calculus of Minimals: Deriving Dynamic-Programming Algorithms based on Preservation of Monotonicity, 36pp., December, 2007. PDF
METR 2007-62 Shinji HARA, Tae-Hyoung KIM and Yutaka HORI, Distributed Formation Control for Target-enclosing Operation by Multiple Dynamic Agents based on a Cyclic Pursuit Strategy, 33pp., December, 2007. PDF
METR 2007-63 Tomonari ABE and Koji TSUMURA, On Condition for Continuous Feedback Controller of Quantum Spin Systems, December, 2007.