LIST 2008 (Mathematical Engineering Technical Reports)

METR 2008-01 Satoshi AOKI, Takayuki HIBI, Hidefumi OHSUGI and Akimichi TAKEMURA, Groebner Bases of Nested Configurations, 11pp., January 2008. PDF
METR 2008-02 Tetsushi NISHIDA and Kokichi SUGIHARA, Exact Computation of a Voronoi Diagram for Spheres in d-Dimensional, January 2008.
METR 2008-03 Akiyoshi SHIOURA, On the Pipage Rounding Algorithm for Submodular Function Maximization: A View from Discrete Convex Analysis, 15pp., January 2008. PDF
METR 2008-04 Hirokazu ANAI, Shinji HARA, Masaaki KANNO and Kazuhiro YOKOYAMA, Parametric Polynomial Spectral Factorization Using the Sum of Roots and Its Application to a Control Design Problem, 32pp., January 2008. PDF
METR 2008-05 Hisayuki HARA and Akimichi TAKEMURA, A Localization Approach to Improve Iterative Proportional Scaling in Gaussian Graphical Models, 12pp., February 2008. PDF
METR 2008-06 Hisayuki HARA, Akimichi TAKEMURA and Ruriko YOSHIDA, A Markov Basis for Conditional Test of Common Diagonal Effect in Quasi-Independence Model for Two-Way Contingency Tables, 15pp., February 2008. PDF
METR 2008-07 Kenjiro TAKAZAWA, A Weighted K_{t,t}-Free t-Factor Algorithm for Bipartite Graphs, 20pp., February 2008. PDF
METR 2008-08 Kei TAKEUCHI, Masayuki KUMON and Akimichi TAKEMURA, Multistep Bayesian Strategy in Coin-tossing Games and Its Application to Asset Trading Games in Continuous Time, 21pp., February 2008. PDF
METR 2008-09 Yoshihiro KANNO and Makoto OHSAKI, Optimization-Based Stability Analysis of Structures under Unilateral Constraints, 35pp., March 2008. PDF
METR 2008-10 Mizuyo TAKAMATSU and Satoru IWATA, Index Characterization of Differential-Algebraic Equations in Hybrid Analysis for Circuit Simulation, 19pp., March 2008. PDF
METR 2008-11 Jonathan LE ROUX, Hirokazu KAMEOKA, Nobutaka ONO and Shigeki SAGAYAMA, On the Interpretation of I-divergence-based Distribution-fitting as a Maximum-Likelihood Estimation Problem, March 2008.
METR 2008-12 Kazuo MUROTA and Akiyoshi SHIOURA, Note on the Continuity of M-convex and L-convex Functions in Continuous Variables, 11pp., March 2008. PDF
METR 2008-13 Kunihisa OKANO, Hideaki ISHII and Shinji HARA, Sensitivity Analysis of Networked Control Systems via an Information Theoretic Approach, 20pp., March 2008. PDF
METR 2008-14 Takayasu MATSUO and Hisashi YAMAGUCHI, An Energy-Conserving Galerkin Scheme for a Class of Nonlinear Dispersive Equations, 24pp., March 2008. PDF
METR 2008-15 Hidehiko KAMIYA, Akimichi TAKEMURA and Hiroaki TERAO, Periodicity of Non-central Integral Arrangements modulo Positive Integers, 15pp., March 2008. PDF
METR 2008-16 Kento EMOTO, Zhenjiang HU, Kazuhiko KAKEHI, Kiminori MATSUZAKI and Masato TAKEICHI, Generator-based GG Fortress Library, 19pp., March 2008. PDF
METR 2008-17 Kento EMOTO, Zhenjiang HU, Kazuhiko KAKEHI, Kiminori MATSUZAKI and Masato TAKEICHI, Generator-based GG Fortress Library -- Collection of GGs and Theories --, 58pp., March 2008. PDF
METR 2008-18 Akimichi TAKEMURA, Vladimir VOVK and Glenn SHAFER, The Game-Theoretic Martingales behind the Zero-One Laws, March 2008.
METR 2008-19 Masaaki KANNO, Kazuhiro YOKOYAMA, Hirokazu ANAI and Shinji HARA, Symbolic Optimization of Algebraic Functions, 23pp., April 2008. PDF
METR 2008-20 Yasushi OHKUSA, Hiroshi MAEDA and Kazuyuki AIHARA, Assessing the Potential Effectiveness of Shutting Down Transportation Systems to Contain Pandemic Influenza in a Megacity Area, April 2008.
METR 2008-21 Yingfei XIONG, Zhenjiang HU, Masato TAKEICHI, Haiyan ZHAO and Hong MEI, On-Site Synchronization of Software Artifacts, 23pp., April 2008. PDF
METR 2008-22 Shunji UMETANI, Mutsunori YAGIURA, Shinji IMAHORI, Takashi IMAMICHI, Koji NONOBE and Toshihide IBARAKI, Solving the irregular strip packing problem via guided local search for overlap minimization, 19pp., May 2008. PDF
METR 2008-23 Ken-ichi KAWARABAYASHI and Yusuke KOBAYASHI, Algorithms for Finding an Induced Cycle in Planar Graphs, 16pp., May 2008. PDF
METR 2008-24 Yuichi KATORI, Eric J. LANG, Mitsuo KAWATO and Kazuyuki AIHARA, Quantitative Modeling of the Spatio-temporal Dynamics of Inferior Olive Neurons with a Simple Conductance-based Model, May 2008.
METR 2008-25 Shinji HARA and Tetsuya IWASAKI, Sum-of-Squares Decomposition via Generalized KYP Lemma, 13pp., May 2008. PDF
METR 2008-26 Takanori MAEHARA and Kazuo MUROTA, A Numerical Algorithm for Block-Diagonal Decomposition of Matrix $*$-Algebras with General Irreducible Components, 35pp., May 2008. PDF
METR 2008-27 Akimasa MORIHATA and Kiminori MATSUZAKI, A Parallel Tree Contraction Algorithm on Non-Binary Trees, 7pp., June 2008. PDF
METR 2008-28 Y.TAO, Q.GUO and K.AIHARA, A Mathematical Model of Prostate Tumor Growth with Mutation under Hormone Therapy, July 2008.
METR 2008-29 Kazutaka MATSUDA, Zhenjiang HU and Masato TAKEICHI, Type Specialization for Effective Bidirectionalization, 47pp., July 2008. PDF
METR 2008-30 Kiminori MATSUZAKI and Akimasa MORIHATA, Balanced Ternary-Tree Representation of Binary Trees and Balancing Algorithms, 18pp., July 2008. PDF
METR 2008-31 Kazuo MUROTA, Recent Developments in Discrete Convex Analysis, 48pp., July 2008. PDF
METR 2008-32 Kazuo MUROTA, Submodular Function Minimization and Maximization in Discrete Convex Analysis, 20pp., August 2008. PDF
METR 2008-33 Tomonari SEI, Satoshi AOKI and Akimichi TAKEMURA, Perturbation Method for Determining Group of Invariance of Hierarchical Models, 17pp., August 2008. PDF
METR 2008-34 Yoshito HIRATA, Nicholas BRUCHOVSKY and Kazuyuki AIHARA, A Mathematical Model Identifies Outcome of Hormone Therapy for Prostate Cancer, August 2008.
METR 2008-35 Yoshihiro KANNO and Izuru TAKEWAKI, Semidefinite Programming for Dynamic Steady-State Analysis of Structures under Uncertain Harmonic Loads, 41pp., August 2008. PDF
METR 2008-36 Yoshihiro KANNO, An Implicit Formulation of Robust Structural Optimization under Load Uncertainties, 22pp., September 2008. PDF
METR 2008-37 Satoru IWATA, Mizuyo TAKAMATSU and Caren TISCHENDORF, Hybrid Analysis of Nonlinear Time-Varying Circuits Providing DAEs with Index at Most One, 17pp., September 2008. PDF
METR 2008-38 Satoko MORIGUCHI, Akiyoshi SHIOURA and Nobuyuki TSUCHIMURA, M-convex Function Minimization by Continuous Relaxation Approach -- Proximity Theorem and Algorithm --, 21pp., September 2008. PDF
METR 2008-39 Hisayuki HARA, Akimichi TAKEMURA and Ruriko YOSHIDA, On Connectivity of Fibers with Positive Marginals in Multiple Logistic Regression, 26pp., October 2008. PDF
METR 2008-40 Yusuke KOBAYASHI and Kenjiro TAKAZAWA, Square-Free 2-Matchings in Bipartite Graphs and Jump Systems, 18pp., October 2008. PDF
METR 2008-41 Naonori KAKIMURA, Matching Structure of Symmetric Bipartite Graphs and a Generalization of P\'olya's Problem, 27pp., October 2008. PDF
METR 2008-42 Ryuhei MIYASHIRO, Tomomi MATSUI and Shinji IMAHORI, An Approximation Algorithm for the Traveling Tournament Problem, 7pp., October 2008. PDF
METR 2008-43 Kokichi SUGIHARA, Computer-Aided Creation of Escher's Sky-and-Water Tiling Patterns, November 2008.
METR 2008-44 Satoshi AOKI and Akimichi TAKEMURA, Some Characterizations of Affinely Full-dimensional Factorial Designs, 15pp., December 2008. PDF