LIST 2009 (Mathematical Engineering Technical Reports)

METR 2009-01 Tomoaki OKAYAMA, Takayasu MATSUO and Masaaki SUGIHARA, Error Estimates with Explicit Constants for Sinc Approximation, Sinc Quadrature and Sinc Indefinite Integration, 26pp., January 2009. PDF
METR 2009-02 Tomoaki OKAYAMA, Takayasu MATSUO and Masaaki SUGIHARA, Sinc-collocation Methods for Weakly Singular Fredholm Integral Equations of the Second Kind, 21pp., January 2009. PDF
METR 2009-03 Tomonari SEI, A Structural Model on a Hypercube Represented by Optimal Transport, 28pp., January 2009. PDF
METR 2009-04 Xin HAN and Kazuhisa MAKINO, Online Minimization Knapsack Problem, 17pp., February 2009. PDF
METR 2009-05 Minori OKABE, Shinji IMAHORI and Kokichi SUGIHARA, Improvement of the Method for Making Quad Meshes through Temperature Contours, 9pp., March 2009. PDF
METR 2009-06 Yoshihiro KANNO and Makoto OHSAKI, A Non-Interior Implicit Smoothing Approach to Complementarity Problems for Frictionless Contacts, 21pp., March 2009. PDF
METR 2009-07 Yuko K. TAKAHASHI, Hiroshi KORI and Naoki MASUDA, Self-organization of Feedforward Structure and Entrainment in Excitatory Neural Networks with Spike-timing-dependent Plasticity, 24pp., March 2009. PDF
METR 2009-08 Tomotake SASAKI, Shinji HARA and Koji TSUMURA, Lie Product of Matrix Functions and Its Application to Reachability Analysis for Dynamical Systems with Matrix-valued States, 15pp., March 2009. PDF
METR 2009-09 Yoshihiro HIROSE and Fumiyasu KOMAKI, An Extension of Least Angle Regression Based on the Information Geometry of Dually Flat Spaces, 20pp., March 2009. PDF
METR 2009-10 Tomoaki OKAYAMA, Takayasu MATSUO and Masaaki SUGIHARA, Approximate Formulae for Fractional Derivatives by Means of Sinc Methods, 14pp., March 2009. PDF
METR 2009-11 Kazuhisa INAGAKI and Fumiyasu KOMAKI, A Modification of Profile Empirical Likelihood for the Exponential-Tilt Model, 9pp., March 2009. PDF
METR 2009-12 Kristof BERCZI and Yusuke KOBAYASHI, An Algorithm for (n-3)-Connectivity Augmentation Problem: Jump System Approach, 26pp., April 2009. PDF
METR 2009-13 Naonori KAKIMURA, A Direct Proof for the Matrix Decomposition of Chordal-Structured Positive Semidefinite Matrices by Kim et al., 5pp., April 2009. PDF
METR 2009-14 Takanori MAEHARA and Kazuo MUROTA, Simultaneous Singular Value Decomposition, 17pp., April 2009. PDF
METR 2009-15 Kenjiro TAKAZAWA, A Weighted Independent Even Factor Algorithm, 17pp., April 2009. PDF
METR 2009-16 Masaaki TANIO and Masaaki SUGIHARA, GBi-CGSTAB($s$, $L$): IDR($s$) with Higher-Order Stabilization Polynomials, 33pp., April 2009. PDF
METR 2009-17 Glenn SHAFER, Vladimir VOVK and Akimichi TAKEMURA, Levy's Zero-one Law in Game-Theoretic Probability, 15pp., May 2009. PDF
METR 2009-18 Fuyuhiko TANAKA, Superharmonic Priors for Autoregressive Models, 20pp., May 2009. PDF
METR 2009-19 Junya HONDA and Akimichi TAKEMURA, An Asymptotically Optimal Policy for Finite Support Models in the Multiarmed Bandit Problem, 20pp., May 2009. PDF
METR 2009-20 Akimasa MORIHATA, Solving Maximum Weighted-Sum Problems for Free, 23pp., May 2009. PDF
METR 2009-21 Hidenori FUJII and Kokichi SUGIHARA, Round-Tour Voronoi Diagrams, 9pp., May 2009. PDF
METR 2009-22 Shintaro EHARA and Yoshihiro KANNO, Topology Design of Tensegrity Structures via Mixed Integer Programming, 15pp., May 2009. PDF
METR 2009-23 Tomonari SEI, A Jacobian Inequality for Gradient Maps on the Sphere and Its Application to Directional Statistics, 20pp., June 2009. PDF
METR 2009-24 Daisuke TSUBAKINO and Shinji HARA, Hierarchical Modeling for Diffusion Systems: Symmetrically-networked Systems with Rank One Interconnection, 17pp., June 2009. PDF
METR 2009-25 Kazuo YONEKURA and Yoshihiro KANNO, Global Optimization of Robust Truss Topology via Mixed Integer Semidefinite Programming, 22pp., June 2009. PDF
METR 2009-26 Yusuke KOBAYASHI, A Simple Algorithm for Finding a Maximum Triangle-Free 2-Matching in Subcubic Graphs, 11pp., June 2009. PDF
METR 2009-27 Kei TAKEUCHI, Akimichi TAKEMURA and Masayuki KUMON, New Procedures for Testing Whether Stock Price Processes Are Martingales, 16pp., July 2009. PDF
METR 2009-28 Ryo FUJITA and Yoshihiro KANNO, Enumeration of All Wedged Equilibrium Configurations in Contact Problem with Coulomb Friction, 27pp., July 2009. PDF
METR 2009-29 Shinji IMAHORI, Yuichiro MIYAMOTO, Hideki HASHIMOTO, Yusuke KOBAYASHI, Mihiro SASAKI and Mutsunori YAGIURA, The Complexity of the Node Capacitated In-Tree Packing Problem, 13pp., July 2009. PDF
METR 2009-30 Yusuke KOBAYASHI, Kazuo MUROTA and Robert WEISMANTEL, Cone Superadditivity of Discrete Convex Functions, 25pp., August 2009. PDF
METR 2009-31 Yo SHEENA and Akimichi TAKEMURA, Admissible Estimator of the Eigenvalues of Variance-Covariance Matrix for Multivariate Normal Distributions, 34pp., August 2009. PDF
METR 2009-32 Yoshihiro KANNO and Xu GUO, A Mixed Integer Programming for Robust Truss Topology Optimization with Stress Constraints, 21pp., August 2009. PDF
METR 2009-33 Satoru IWATA, Mizuyo TAKAMATSU and Caren TISCHENDORF, Structural Characterization on Index of DAEs in Hybrid Analysis for General Circuits, 25pp., August 2009. PDF
METR 2009-34 Masato TAKEICHI, Configuring Bidirectional Programs with Functions, 24pp., August 2009. PDF
METR 2009-35 Hisayuki HARA and Akimichi TAKEMURA, Connecting Tables with Zero-One Entries by a Subset of a Markov Basis, 19pp., August 2009. PDF
METR 2009-36 Tomoaki OKAYAMA, Takayasu MATSUO and Masaaki SUGIHARA, Improvement of a Sinc-Collocation Method for Fredholm Integral Equations of the Second Kind, 20pp., August 2009. PDF
METR 2009-37 Shinji HARA, Masaaki KANNO and Hideaki TANAKA, Cooperative Gain Output Feedback Stabilization for Multi-agent Dynamical Systems, 20pp., September 2009. PDF
METR 2009-38 Yusuke KOBAYASHI and Christian SOMMER, On Shortest Disjoint Paths in Planar Graphs, 17pp., September 2009. PDF
METR 2009-39 Md. Bahlul HAIDER, Shinji IMAHORI and Kokichi SUGIHARA, Success Guaranteed Routing in Almost Delaunay Planar Nets for Wireless Sensor Communication, 8pp., September 2009. PDF
METR 2009-40 Naoki MASUDA, Yoji KAWAMURA and Hiroshi KORI, Analysis of Relative Influence of Nodes in Directed Networks, 26pp., September 2009. PDF
METR 2009-41 Takaharu YAGUCHI, Takayasu MATSUO and Masaaki SUGIHARA, An Extension of the Discrete Variational Method to Nonuniform Grids, 50pp., September 2009. PDF
METR 2009-42 Daisuke YAMAGUCHI, Shinji IMAHORI, Ryuhei MIYASHIRO and Tomomi MATSUI, An Improved Approximation Algorithm for the Traveling Tournament Problem, 14pp., September 2009. PDF
METR 2009-43 Yusuke TASHIRO, Pricing Swing Options in an Incomplete Market, 15pp., September 2009. PDF
METR 2009-44 Hisayuki HARA, Tomonari SEI and Akimichi TAKEMURA, Hierarchical Subspace Models for Contingency Tables, 21pp., September 2009. PDF
METR 2009-45 Taiji SUZUKI and Ryota TOMIOKA, SpicyMKL, 11pp., September 2009. PDF
METR 2009-46 Yutaka HORI, Tae-Hyoung KIM and Shinji HARA, Robust Stability Analysis of Gene-protein Regulatory Networks with Cyclic Activation-inhibition Interconnections, 20pp., October 2009. PDF
METR 2009-47 Yutaka HORI, Tae-Hyoung KIM and Shinji HARA, Graphical and Analytic Criteria for the Existence of Protein Level Oscillations in Cyclic Gene Regulatory Networks, 18pp., October 2009. PDF
METR 2009-48 Tae-Hyoung KIM, Shinji HARA and Yutaka HORI, Stabilization of Multi-agent Dynamical Systems for Cyclic Pursuit Behavior, 32pp., October 2009. PDF
METR 2009-49 Shinji HARA, Tstsuya IWASAKI and Hideaki TANAKA, H2 and H∞ Norm Computations for LTI Systems with Generalized Frequency Variables, 20pp., October 2009. PDF
METR 2009-50 Taiji SUZUKI, Geometric Characterization of Local Estimator on Manifold, 18pp., November 2009. PDF
METR 2009-51 Masayuki KUMON, Akimichi TAKEMURA and Kei TAKEUCHI, Sequential Optimizing Strategy in Multi-dimensional Bounded Forecasting Games, 28pp., November 2009. PDF
METR 2009-52 Kensuke AISHIMA, Takayasu MATSUO, Kazuo MUROTA and Masaaki SUGIHARA, A Survey on Convergence Theorems of the dqds Algorithm for Computing Singular Values, 24pp., November 2009. PDF
METR 2009-53 Takanori MAEHARA and Kazuo MUROTA, Algorithm for Error-Controlled Simultaneous Block-Diagonalization of Matrices, 17pp., December 2009. PDF