LIST 2010 (Mathematical Engineering Technical Reports)

METR 2010-01 Satoru IWATA and Mizuyo TAKAMATSU, On Kronecker Canonical Form of Mixed Matrix Pencils, 31pp., January 2010. PDF
METR 2010-02 Taiji SUZUKI, Nicholas BRUCHOVSKY and Kazuyuki AIHARA, Mathematical Approach to Optimizing the Hormonal Therapy of Prostate Cancer, 8pp., January 2010. PDF
METR 2010-03 Ryo ADACHI and Akimichi TAKEMURA, Sequential Optimizing Investing Strategy with Neural Networks, 19pp., February 2010. PDF
METR 2010-04 Takuya KASHIMURA, Yasuhide NUMATA and Akimichi TAKEMURA, Separation of Integer Points by a Hyperplane under Some Weak Notions of Discrete Convexity, 18pp., February 2010. PDF
METR 2010-05 Hidehiko KAMIYA, Akimichi TAKEMURA and Hiroaki TERAO, Ranking Patterns of Unfolding Models of Codimension One, 23pp., February 2010. PDF
METR 2010-06 Chiaki KOJIMA, Yusuke KAIZUKA and Shinji HARA, Characterizations of Finite Frequency Properties Using Quadratic Differential Forms, 32pp., March 2010. PDF
METR 2010-07 Hidehiko KAMIYA, Akimichi TAKEMURA and Norihide TOKUSHIGE, Application of Arrangement Theory to Unfolding Models, 16pp., March 2010. PDF
METR 2010-08 Satoshi AOKI and Akimichi TAKEMURA, Design and Analysis of Fractional Factorial Experiments from the Viewpoint of Computational Algebraic Statistics, 16pp., April 2010. PDF
METR 2010-09 Takuya IIMURA, Kazuo MUROTA and Akihisa TAMURA, Sperner's Lemma and the Existence of Zero on the Discrete Simplex and Simplotope, 12pp., April 2010. PDF
METR 2010-10 Akimichi TAKEMURA and Hisayuki HARA, Markov Chain Monte Carlo Test of Toric Homogeneous Markov Chains, 20pp., April 2010. PDF
METR 2010-11 Yutaka HORI, Shinji HARA and Tae-Hyoung KIM, Existence Criteria of Periodic Oscillations in Cyclic Gene Regulatory Networks, 29pp., May 2010. PDF
METR 2010-12 Kazuo YONEKURA and Yoshihiro KANNO, Second-Order Cone Programming with Warm Start for Elastoplastic Analysis with von Mises Yield Criterion, 29pp., May 2010. PDF
METR 2010-13 Hisayuki HARA and Akimichi TAKEMURA, A Markov Basis for Two-State Toric Homogeneous Markov Chain Model without Initial Parameters, 12pp., May 2010. PDF
METR 2010-14 Tohru KOHDA, Yuuki FUKAE and Kazuyuki AIHARA, Symbolic Dynamics of Beta Encoders, 12pp., May 2010.
METR 2010-15 Tomonari SEI, Nobuki TAKAYAMA, Akimichi TAKEMURA, Hiromasa NAKAYAMA, Kenta NISHIYAMA, Masayuki NORO and Katsuyoshi OHARA, Holonomic Gradient Descent and its Application to Fisher-Bingham Integral, 20pp., May 2010. PDF
METR 2010-16 Naonori KAKIMURA, Ken-ichi KAWARABAYASHI and Daniel MARX, Packing Cycles through Prescribed Vertices, 8pp., June 2010. PDF
METR 2010-17 Naonori KAKIMURA and Ken-ichi KAWARABAYASHI, Packing Directed Circuits through Prescribed Vertices Bounded-Fractionally, 12pp., June 2010. PDF
METR 2010-18 Koji TSUMURA, Shinji HARA, Keiichi SAKURAI and Tae-Hyoung KIM, Performance Competition in Cooperative Capturing by Multi-Agent Systems, 20pp., June 2010. PDF
METR 2010-19 Yusuke TASHIRO, A Dual Approach for Pricing Swing Options with Bang-Bang Control, 19pp., June 2010. PDF
METR 2010-20 Ryo FUJITA, Yusuke KOBAYASHI and Kazuhisa MAKINO, Robust Matchings and Matroid Intersections, 22pp., June 2010. PDF
METR 2010-21 Ryuichi NAKAJIMA, Masayuki KUMON, Akimichi TAKEMURA and Kei TAKEUCHI, Approximations and Asymptotics of Upper Hedging Prices in Multinomial Models, 17pp., July 2010. PDF
METR 2010-22 Takaharu YAGUCHI, Takayasu MATSUO and Masaaki SUGIHARA, A Lagrangian Approach to Deriving Energy Preserving Numerical Schemes for the Euler--Lagrange Partial Differential Equations and Its Applications, 32pp., August 2010.
METR 2010-23 Yuto MIYATAKE and Takayasu MATSUO, Conservative Finite Difference Schemes for the Degasperis-Procesi Equation, 17pp., September 2010. PDF
METR 2010-24 Naoki MASUDA, Yoji KAWAMURA and Hiroshi KORI, Collective Fluctuations in Networks of Noisy Components, 17pp., September 2010. PDF
METR 2010-25 Akio IWAGAMI and Naoki MASUDA, Upstream Reciprocity in Heterogeneous Networks, 22pp., September 2010. PDF
METR 2010-26 Hiroshi KOIZUMI, Yasuhide NUMATA and Akimichi TAKEMURA, On Intersection Lattices of Hyperplane Arrangements Generated by Generic Points, 17pp., September 2010. PDF
METR 2010-27 Tomonari SEI, Efron's Curvature of the Structural Gradient Model, 14pp., September 2010. PDF
METR 2010-28 Kiyohiro IKEDA, Kazuo MUROTA, Takashi AKAMATSU, Tatsuhito KONO, Yuki TAKAYAMA, Gholamreza SOBHANINEJAD and Akira SHIBASAKI, Self-Organizing Hexagons in Economic Agglomeration: Core-Periphery Models and Central Place Theory, 50pp., October 2010. PDF
METR 2010-29 Yutaka HORI and Shinji HARA, Oscillation Pattern Analysis for Gene Regulatory Networks with Negative Cyclic Feedback, 22pp., October 2010. PDF
METR 2010-30 Morten DAHLBY, Brynjulf OWREN and Takaharu YAGUCHI, Preserving Multiple First Integrals by Discrete Gradients, 11pp., November 2010. PDF
METR 2010-31 Fuyuhiko TANAKA, Optimal Test in the Disturbed Qubit Model, 9pp., November 2010. PDF