LIST 2012 (Mathematical Engineering Technical Reports)

METR 2012-01 Hiroki HASHIGUCHI, Yasuhide NUMATA, Nobuki TAKAYAMA and Akimichi TAKEMURA, Holonomic Gradient Method for the Distribution Function of the Largest Root of a Wishart Matrix, 25pp., January 2012. PDF
METR 2012-02 Kei KIMURA and Kazuhisa MAKINO, Trichotomy for Integer Linear Systems Based on Their Sign Patterns, 12pp., January 2012. PDF
METR 2012-03 Junya HONDA and Akimichi TAKEMURA, Finite-time Regret Bound of a Bandit Algorithm for the Semi-bounded Support Model, 15pp., February 2012. PDF
METR 2012-04 Mizuyo TAKAMATSU, Structural Characterization of Hybrid Equations with Tractability Index at Most Two, 18pp., February 2012. PDF
METR 2012-05 Kazuo MUROTA and Akiyoshi SHIOURA, Dijkstra's Algorithm and L-concave Function Maximization, 10pp., March 2012. PDF
METR 2012-06 Daishi AIURA, Naonori KAKIMURA and Kazuo MUROTA, On the Number of Matrices to Generate a Matrix *-Algebra over the Real Field, 15pp., March 2012. PDF
METR 2012-07 Tohru KOHDA, Yoshihiko HORIO, Yoichiro TAKAHASHI and Kazuyuki AIHARA, Dynamics and Implementation of β Encoders, 67pp., April 2012.
METR 2012-08 Masayuki KUMON, Jing LI, Akimichi TAKEMURA and Kei TAKEUCHI, Bayesian Logistic Betting Strategy against Probability Forecasting, 21pp., April 2012. PDF
METR 2012-09 David HAWS, Abraham MARTIN DEL CAMPO, Akimichi TAKEMURA and Ruriko YOSHIDA, Markov Degree of the Three-State Toric Homogeneous Markov Chain Model, 23pp., May 2012. PDF
METR 2012-10 Shoma TANABE, Hideyuki SUZUKI and Naoki MASUDA, Indirect Reciprocity with Trinary Reputations, 28pp., May 2012. PDF
METR 2012-11 Hiroki YAMAMOTO and Koji TSUMURA, Control of Smart Grids Based on Price Mechanism and Network Structure, 15pp., May 2012. PDF
METR 2012-12 Yoshihiro HIROSE and Fumiyasu KOMAKI, An Estimation Procedure for Contingency Table Models Based on the Nested Geometry, 22pp., June 2012. PDF
METR 2012-13 Koji NUIDA, Takuro ABE, Shizuo KAJI, Toshiaki MAENO and Yasuhide NUMATA, A Mathematical Problem for Security Analysis of Hash Functions and Pseudorandom Generators, 18pp., June 2012. PDF
METR 2012-14 Kenshi MIYABE and Akimichi TAKEMURA, The Law of the Iterated Logarithm in Game-Theoretic Probability with Quadratic and Stronger Hedges, 22pp., August 2012. PDF
METR 2012-15 Than Nguyen HAU, Hiroshi HIRAI and Nobuyuki TSUCHIMURA, On Half-integrality of Network Synthesis Problem, 7pp., September 2012. PDF
METR 2012-16 Rui KURETA and Yoshihiro KANNO, A Mixed Integer Programming Approach to Designing Periodic Frame Structures with Negative Poisson's Ratio, 27pp., October 2012. PDF
METR 2012-17 Yoshihiro KANNO, Exploring New Tensegrity Structures via Mixed Integer Programming, 31pp., October 2012. PDF
METR 2012-18 Hiroshi HIRAI, Discrete Convexity and Polynomial Solvability in Minimum 0-Extension Problems, 44pp., October 2012. PDF
METR 2012-19 Mitsuhiro NAKAMURA and Naoki MASUDA, Groupwise Information Sharing Promotes Ingroup Favoritism in Indirect Reciprocity, 23pp., October 2012. PDF
METR 2012-20 Taro TAKAGUCHI, Nobuo SATO, Kazuo YANO and Naoki MASUDA, Importance of Individual Events in Temporal Networks, 22pp., October 2012. PDF
METR 2012-21 Shun MOTEGI and Naoki MASUDA, A Network-based Dynamical Ranking System for Competitive Sports, 20pp., October 2012. PDF
METR 2012-22 Naoki MASUDA, Evolution of Cooperation Driven by Zealots, 15pp., October 2012. PDF
METR 2012-23 Hideyuki SUZUKI, Jun-ichi IMURA and Kazuyuki AIHARA, Chaotic Ising-like Dynamics in Traffic Signals, 13pp., October 2012.
METR 2012-25 Yuto MIYATAKE and Takayasu MATSUO, A Note on the Adaptive Conservative/Dissipative Discretization for Evolutionary Partial Differential Equations, 12pp., November 2012. PDF
METR 2012-26 Hideyuki SUZUKI, Jun-ichi IMURA, Yoshihiko HORIO and Kazuyuki AIHARA, Pseudo Billiard Dynamics for Boltzmann Machines, 13pp., November 2012.
METR 2012-27 Franz J. KIRÁLY, Louis THERAN, Ryota TOMIOKA and Takeaki UNO, The Algebraic Combinatorial Approach for Low-Rank Matrix Completion, 72pp., November 2012. PDF
METR 2012-28 Yoshihiro KANNO, Damper Placement Optimization in a Shear Building Model with Discrete Design Variables: A Mixed-Integer Second-Order Cone Programming Approach, 22pp., December 2012. PDF
METR 2012-29 Xin HAN, Yasushi KAWASE and Kazuhisa MAKINO, Online Unweighted Knapsack Problem with Removal Cost, 17pp., December 2012. PDF