LIST 2013 (Mathematical Engineering Technical Reports)

METR 2013-01 Tamio KOYAMA and Akimichi TAKEMURA, Calculation of Orthant Probabilities by the Holonomic Gradient Method, 17pp., January 2013. PDF
METR 2013-02 Hanna SUMITA, Naonori KAKIMURA and Kazuhisa MAKINO, Sparse Linear Complementarity Problems, 20pp., January 2013. PDF
METR 2013-03 Guo-yun CAO, Luo-nan CHEN and Kazuyuki AIHARA, Foundation of Static Voltage-Stability Analysis Based on Power Flow Equations, 19pp., February 2013.
METR 2013-04 Kento EMOTO and Kiminori MATSUZAKI, An Automatic Fusion Mechanism for Variable-Length List Skeletons in SkeTo, 18pp., February 2013. PDF
METR 2013-05 Takashi YAMAGUCHI, Mitsunori OGAWA and Akimichi TAKEMURA, Markov Degree of the Birkhoff Model, 26pp., April 2013. PDF
METR 2013-06 Yusuke KOBAYASHI, Triangle-free 2-matchings and M-concave Functions on Jump Systems, 12pp., May 2013. PDF
METR 2013-07 Constantin SIRITEANU, Steven D. BLOSTEIN, Akimichi TAKEMURA, Hyundong SHIN and Shahram YOUSEFI, Exact Performance Analysis of MIMO Zero-Forcing Detection for Transmit-Correlated Rician-Rayleigh Fading, 28pp., May 2013. PDF
METR 2013-08 Yutaro YAMAGUCHI and Shin-ichi TANIGAWA, Packing Non-zero A-paths via Matroid Matching, 16pp., May 2013. PDF
METR 2013-09 Yuto MIYATAKE and Takayasu MATSUO, A General Framework for Finding Energy Dissipative/Conservative $H^1$-Galerkin Schemes and Their Underlying $H^1$-Weak Forms for Nonlinear Evolution Equations, 32pp., June 2013. PDF
METR 2013-10 Kazuo MUROTA, Akiyoshi SHIOURA and Zaifu YANG, Computing a Walrasian Equilibrium in Iterative Auctions with Multiple Differentiated Items, 34pp., June 2013. PDF
METR 2013-11 Yuto MIYATAKE, An Energy-Preserving Exponentially-Fitted Continuous Stage Runge--Kutta Method for Hamiltonian Systems, 22pp., July 2013. PDF
METR 2013-12 Chiaki KOJIMA and Shinji HARA, Characterization of Finite Frequency Properties for n-Dimensional Behaviors Using Quadratic Differential Forms, 28pp., August 2013. PDF
METR 2013-13 Shinji ITO, Kensuke AISHIMA, Takaaki NARA and Masaaki SUGIHARA, Orthogonal Polynomial Approach to Estimation of Poles of Meromorphic Functions from Data on Open Curves, 24pp., August 2013. PDF
METR 2013-14 Kota ISHIHARA and Yusuke KOBAYASHI, Routing Algorithms under Mutual Interference Constraints, 16pp., August 2013. PDF
METR 2013-15 Yusuke KOBAYASHI and Kensuke OTSUKI, Max-Flow Min-Cut Theorem and Faster Algorithms in a Circular Disk Failure Model, 13pp., August 2013. PDF
METR 2013-16 Satoru IWATA, Shin-ichi TANIGAWA and Yuichi YOSHIDA, Bisubmodular Function Maximization and Extensions, 11pp., September 2013. PDF
METR 2013-17 Daiki HASHIMOTO and Yoshihiro KANNO, A Semidefinite Programming Approach to Robust Truss Topology Optimization under Uncertainty in Locations of Nodes, 37pp., September 2013. PDF
METR 2013-18 Kazuo MUROTA and Akiyoshi SHIOURA, On Some Properties of Polyhedral L-concave Maximization Algorithm, 22pp., September 2013. PDF
METR 2013-19 Shun-ichi AMARI, Hiroyasu ANDO, Taro TOYOIZUMI and Naoki MASUDA, State Concentration Exponent as a Measure of Quickness in Kauffman-type Networks, 14pp., September 2013. PDF
METR 2013-20 Yohei NAKAJIMA and Naoki MASUDA, Evolutionary Dynamics in Finite Populations with Zealots, 23pp., September 2013. PDF
METR 2013-21 Shoma TANABE and Naoki MASUDA, Complex Dynamics of a Nonlinear Voter Model with Contrarian Agents, 14pp., September 2013. PDF
METR 2013-22 Ryosuke NISHI and Naoki MASUDA, A Collective Opinion Formation Model under Bayesian Updating and Confirmation Bias, 23pp., September 2013. PDF
METR 2013-23 Huanfei MA, Tianshou ZHOU, Kazuyuki AIHARA and Luonan CHEN, Predicting Nonlinear Dynamics from Short-term Data, 47pp., September 2013.
METR 2013-24 Kazuo MUROTA and Akiyoshi SHIOURA, Exact Bounds for Steepest Descent Algorithms of L-convex Function Minimization, 14pp., September 2013. PDF
METR 2013-25 Attila BERNÁTH and Yusuke KOBAYASHI, The Generalized Terminal Backup Problem, 12pp., September 2013. PDF
METR 2013-26 Kensuke AISHIMA, Takayasu MATSUO and Masaaki SUGIHARA, A Complete Analysis of Convergence Rate of the Tridiagonal QR Algorithm with Wilkinson’s Shift, 11pp., October 2013. PDF
METR 2013-27 Kensuke AISHIMA, Global Convergence of the Restarted Lanczos Method and Jacobi-Davidson Method for Symmetric Eigenvalue Problems, 19pp., October 2013. PDF
METR 2013-28 Takanori MAEHARA and Kazuo MUROTA, A Framework of Discrete DC Programming by Discrete Convex Analysis, 37pp., October 2013. PDF
METR 2013-29 Junya HONDA and Akimichi TAKEMURA, Optimality of Thompson Sampling for Gaussian Bandits Depends on Priors, 11pp., November 2013. PDF
METR 2013-30 Kazuo MUROTA and Yu YOKOI, On the Lattice Structure of Stable Allocations in Two-Sided Discrete-Concave Market, 27pp., November 2013. PDF
METR 2013-31 Takanori MAEHARA and Kazuo MUROTA, Valuated Matroid-Based Algorithm for Submodular Welfare Problem, 37pp., November 2013. PDF
METR 2013-32 Takuma HATANO, Yoshito HIRATA, Hideyuki SUZUKI and Kazuyuki AIHARA, Comparison between Mathematical Models of Intermittent Androgen Suppression for Prostate Cancer, 20pp., December 2013.
METR 2013-33 Reza HOSSEINI, Akimichi TAKEMURA and Kiros BERHANE, A Framework for Fitting Functions with Sparse Data, 71pp., December 2013. PDF
METR 2013-34 Tasuku SOMA, Multicasting in Linear Deterministic Relay Network by Matrix Completion, 13pp., December 2013. PDF
METR 2013-35 Yutaro YAMAGUCHI, Packing A-paths in Group-Labelled Graphs via Linear Matroid Parity, 19pp., December 2013. PDF
METR 2013-36 Kiyohiro IKEDA, Kazuo MUROTA, Takashi AKAMATSU and Kenji SAKAMOTO, Agglomeration Mechanism of Long Narrow Economy: Comparison with Racetrack Economy, 41pp., December 2013. PDF