LIST 2014 (Mathematical Engineering Technical Reports)

METR 2014-01 Yoshifumi AIMOTO, Takayasu MATSUO and Yuto MIYATAKE, A Local Discontinuous Galerkin Method Based on Variational Structure, 20pp., January 2014. PDF
METR 2014-02 Masayuki HIROTA and Yoshihiro KANNO, Optimal Design of Periodic Frame Structures with Negative Thermal Expansion via Mixed Integer Programming, 36pp., January 2014. PDF
METR 2014-03 Yuji NAKATSUKASA, Vanni NOFERINI and Alex TOWNSEND, Computing the Common Zeros of Two Bivariate Functions via Bezout Resultants, 35pp., January 2014. PDF
METR 2014-04 Fernando DE TERAN, Ross A. LIPPERT, Yuji NAKATSUKASA and Vanni NOFERINI, Flanders' Theorem for Many Matrices Under Commutativity Assumptions, 26pp., January 2014. PDF
METR 2014-05 Patrizio NEFF, Yuji NAKATSUKASA and Andreas FISCHLE, On the Minimization Property of the Unitary Polar Factor in the Geodesic Distance, 29pp., January 2014. PDF
METR 2014-06 Johannes LANKEIT, Patrizio NEFF and Yuji NAKATSUKASA, The Minimization of Matrix Logarithms: On a Fundamental Property of the Unitary Polar Factor, 15pp., January 2014. PDF
METR 2014-07 Kenshi MIYABE and Akimichi TAKEMURA, Derandomization in Game-Theoretic Probability, 19pp., February 2014. PDF
METR 2014-08 Constantin SIRITEANU, Akimichi TAKEMURA and Satoshi KURIKI, MIMO Zero-Forcing Detection Performance Evaluation by Holonomic Gradient Method, 21pp., March 2014. PDF
METR 2014-09 Keisuke YANO and Fumiyasu KOMAKI, Asymptotically Constant-Risk Predictive Densities When the Distributions of Data and Target Variables are Different, 19pp., March 2014. PDF
METR 2014-10 Jumpei HAYAKAWA and Akimichi TAKEMURA, Estimation of Exponential-Polynomial Distribution by Holonomic Gradient Descent, 23pp., March 2014. PDF
METR 2014-11 Yuni IWAMASA and Naoki MASUDA, Networks Maximising the Consensus Time of Voter Models, 34pp., April 2014. PDF
METR 2014-12 Yutaro YAMAGUCHI, Anna OGAWA, Akiko TAKEDA and Satoru IWATA, Cyber Security Analysis of Power Networks by Hypergraph Cut Algorithms, 14pp., May 2014. PDF
METR 2014-13 Naoki MARUMO, Toshinori OAKU and Akimichi TAKEMURA, Properties of Powers of Functions Satisfying Second-Order Linear Differential Equations with Applications to Statistics, 18pp., May 2014. PDF
METR 2014-14 Mutsuki KOJIMA and Fumiyasu KOMAKI, Determinantal Point Process Priors for Bayesian Variable Selection in Linear Regression, 17pp., June 2014. PDF
METR 2014-15 Takayuki KOYAMA, Mitsunori OGAWA and Akimichi TAKEMURA, Markov Degree of Con gurations De ned by Fibers of a Con guration, 28pp., June 2014. PDF
METR 2014-16 Satoru FUJISHIGE, Kazuo MUROTA and Akiyoshi SHIOURA, Monotonicity in Steepest Ascent Algorithms for Polyhedral L-concave Functions, 33pp., June 2014. PDF
METR 2014-17 Masayuki KUMON, Akimichi TAKEMURA and Kei TAKEUCHI, Conformal Geometry of Sequential Test in Multidimensional Curved Exponential Family, 43pp., June 2014. PDF
METR 2014-18 Dimitris BERTSIMAS and Akiko TAKEDA, Optimizing Over Coherent Risk Measures and Non-convexities: A Robust Mixed Integer Optimization Approach, 25pp., July 2014. PDF
METR 2014-19 Yuto MIYATAKE, A Derivation of Energy-Preserving Exponentially-Fitted Integrators for Poisson Systems, 12pp., July 2014. PDF
METR 2014-20 Satoru IWATA, Yuji NAKATSUKASA and Akiko TAKEDA, Computing the Signed Distance between Overlapping Ellipsoids, 26pp., July 2014. PDF
METR 2014-21 Takeru MATSUDA and Fumiyasu KOMAKI, Singular Value Shrinkage Priors for Bayesian Prediction, 25pp., August 2014.
METR 2014-22 Takeyuki SASAI, Kenshi MIYABE and Akimichi TAKEMURA, A Game-Theoretic Proof of Erdos-Feller-Kolmogorov-Petrowsky Law of the Iterated Logarithm for Fair-Coin Tossing, 18pp., August 2014. PDF
METR 2014-23 Shun SATO, Combinatorial Relaxation Algorithm for the Entire Sequence of the Maximum Degree of Minors, 19pp., August 2014. PDF
METR 2014-24 Kiyohiro IKEDA, Kazuo MUROTA and Yuki TAKAYAMA, Stable Economic Agglomeration Patterns in Two Dimensions: Beyond the Scope of Central Place Theory, 62pp., September 2014. PDF
METR 2014-25 Hanna SUMITA, Naonori KAKIMURA and Kazuhisa MAKINO, Total Dual Integrality of the Linear Complementarity Problem, 23pp., September 2014. PDF
METR 2014-26 Tomonori MURAKOSHI and Takayasu MATSUO, A Fast Alternating Least Squares Method for Third-Order Tensors Based on a Compression Procedure, 10pp., October 2014. PDF
METR 2014-27 Shinji ITO and Kazuo MUROTA, An Algorithm for the Generalized Eigenvalue Problem for Nonsquare Matrix Pencils by Minimal Perturbation Approach, 10pp., October 2014. PDF
METR 2014-28 Yutaro YAMAGUCHI, Realizing Symmetric Set Functions as Hypergraph Cut Capacity, 12pp., October 2014. PDF
METR 2014-29 Yuji NAKATSUKASA and Vanni NOFERINI, On the Stability of Computing Polynomial Roots via Confederate Linearizations, 34pp., October 2014. PDF
METR 2014-30 Yoshihiro KANNO, Truss Topology Optimization with a Limited Number of Different Cross-Sections: A Mixed-Integer Second-Order Cone Programming Approach, 36pp., November 2014. PDF
METR 2014-31 Toshifumi FUJIYAMA, Chihiro MATSUI and Akimichi TAKEMURA, A Power-Law Decay Model with Autocorrelation for Posting Data to Social Networking Services, 18pp., November 2014. PDF
METR 2014-32 Yu YOKOI, Matroidal Choice Functions, 31pp., November 2014. PDF
METR 2014-33 Shun SATO, Takayasu MATSUO, Hideyuki SUZUKI and Daisuke FURIHATA, A Lyapunov-Type Theorem for Dissipative Numerical Integrators with Adaptive Time-Stepping, 14pp., November 2014. PDF
METR 2014-34 Kei KIMURA and Kazuhisa MAKINO, Satisfiability Preserving Assignments and Their Local and Linear Forms, 27pp., November 2014. PDF
METR 2014-35 Yuji NAKATSUKASA and Roland W. FREUND, Using Zolotarev's Rational Approximation for Computing the Polar, Symmetric Eigenvalue, and Singular Value Decompositions, 28pp., December 2014. PDF
METR 2014-36 Yusaku YAMAMOTO, Yuji NAKATSUKASA, Yuka YANAGISAWA and Takeshi FUKAYA, Roundoff Error Analysis of the CholeskyQR2 Algorithm, 21pp., December 2014. PDF
METR 2014-37 Takeshi FUKAYA, Yuji NAKATSUKASA, Yuka YANAGISAWA and Yusaku YAMAMOTO, CholeskyQR2: A Simple and Communication-Avoiding Algorithm for Computing a Tall-Skinny QR Factorization on a Large-Scale Parallel System, 8pp., December 2014. PDF
METR 2014-38 Shuhei FUJIWARA, Akiko TAKEDA and Takafumi KANAMORI, DC Algorithm for Extended Robust Support Vector Machine, 29pp., December 2014. PDF
METR 2014-39 Kazuo MUROTA, Akiyoshi SHIOURA and Zaifu YANG, Time Bounds for Iterative Auctions: A Unified Approach by Discrete Convex Analysis, 34pp., December 2014. PDF
METR 2014-40 Mutsuki KOJIMA and Fumiyasu KOMAKI, Relations Between the Conditional Normalized Maximum Likelihood Distributions and the Latent Information Priors, 24pp., December 2014. PDF
METR 2014-41 Yasushi KAWASE, Yusuke KOBAYASHI and Yutaro YAMAGUCHI, Finding a Path in Group-Labeled Graphs with Two Labels Forbidden, 34pp., December 2014. PDF
METR 2014-42 Yusuke KOBAYASHI, The Complexity of Maximizing the Difference of Two Matroid Rank Functions, 3pp., December 2014. PDF