LIST 2015 (Mathematical Engineering Technical Reports)

METR 2015-01 Shun SATO, Combinatorial Relaxation Algorithm for the Entire Sequence of the Maximum Degree of Minors in Mixed Polynomial Matrices, 10pp., January 2015. PDF
METR 2015-02 Shinji ITO and Masaaki SUGIHARA, A Note on the Convergence of Pole Estimation by Rational Interpolation, 11pp., January 2015. PDF
METR 2015-03 Shinsaku SAKAUE, Yuji NAKATSUKASA, Akiko TAKEDA and Satoru IWATA, A Polynomial-Time Algorithm for Nonconvex Quadratic Optimization with Two Quadratic Constraints, 23pp., January 2015. PDF
METR 2015-04 Shun SATO, Takayasu MATSUO and Daisuke FURIHATA, An Analysis on The Asymptotic Behavior of Multistep Linearly Implicit Schemes for the Duffing Equation, 11pp., February 2015. PDF
METR 2015-05 Hiroki KOJIMA, Takayasu MATSUO and Daisuke FURIHATA, Some Discrete Inequalities for Central-Difference Type Operators, 19pp., February 2015. PDF
METR 2015-06 Mohammadreza BOLANDNAZAR, Woonghee Tim HUH, S. Thomas McCORMICK and Kazuo MUROTA, A Note on ``Order-Based Cost Optimization in Assemble-to-Order Systems'', 7pp., February 2015. PDF
METR 2015-07 Takaaki NARA and Shigeru ANDO, Partial Differential Equations for the Inverse of Admittivity in Magnetic Resonance Electrical Property Imaging, 4pp., March 2015. PDF
METR 2015-08 Shiro OZAKI and Yoshihiro KANNO, Design of Compliant Mechanisms with Standardized Beam Elements via Mixed-Integer Programming, 32pp., March 2015. PDF
METR 2015-09 Keisuke YANO and Fumiyasu KOMAKI, Information Criteria for Multistep Ahead Predictions, 18pp., March 2015. PDF
METR 2015-10 Kazuo MUROTA, On Polyhedral Approximation of L-convex and M-convex Functions, 15pp., March 2015. PDF
METR 2015-11 Hiroki KOJIMA, Invariants Preserving Schemes Based on Explicit Runge--Kutta Methods, 20pp., March 2015. PDF
METR 2015-12 Kaito FUJII, Faster Approximation Algorithms for Maximizing a Monotone Submodular Function Subject to a b-Matching Constraint, 12pp., March 2015. PDF
METR 2015-13 Kensuke OTSUKI, Yusuke KOBAYASHI and Kazuo MUROTA, Improved Max-Flow Min-Cut Algorithms in a Circular Disk Failure Model with Application to a Road Network, 17pp., March 2015. PDF
METR 2015-14 Satoru ADACHI, Satoru IWATA, Yuji NAKATSUKASA and Akiko TAKEDA , Solving the Trust Region Subproblem by a Generalized Eigenvalue Problem, 24pp., April 2015. PDF
METR 2015-15 Yuji NAKATSUKASA, Vanni NOFERINI and Alex TOWNSEND, Vector Spaces of Linearizations for Matrix Polynomials: a Bivariate Polynomial Approach, 25pp., April 2015. PDF
METR 2015-16 Yuji NAKATSUKASA, Tasuku SOMA and Andre USCHMAJEW, Finding a Low-Rank Basis in a Matrix Subspace, 37pp., April 2015. PDF
METR 2015-17 Tamio KOYAMA and Akimichi TAKEMURA, Holonomic Gradient Method for Distribution Function of a Weighted Sum of Noncentral Chi-square Random Variables, 12pp., April 2015. PDF
METR 2015-18 Naoki ITO, Akiko TAKEDA and Kim-Chuan TOH, A Fast Unified Classification Algorithm Based on Accelerated Proximal Gradient Method, 49pp., May 2015. PDF
METR 2015-19 Yusuke KOBAYASHI and Sho TOYOOKA, Finding a Shortest Non-Zero Path in Group-Labeled Graphs, 11pp., May 2015. PDF
METR 2015-20 Yutaro YAMAGUCHI, Shortest Disjoint Non-zero A-paths via Weighted Matroid Matching, 7pp., June 2015. PDF
METR 2015-21 Yu YOKOI, A Generalized Polymatroid Approach to Stable Matchings with Lower Quotas, 26pp., July 2015. PDF
METR 2015-22 Tomonari SEI, An Objective General Index for Multivariate Ordered Data, 27pp., July 2015. PDF
METR 2015-23 Katsuya TONO, On LP-based Approximation for Copositive Formulation of Stable Set Problem, 10pp., July 2015. PDF
METR 2015-24 Constantin SIRITEANU, Akimichi TAKEMURA, Christoph KOUTSCHAN, Satoshi KURIKI, Donald St. P. RICHARDS, Hyundong SHIN, Exact ZF Analysis and Computer-Algebra-Aided Evaluation in Rank-1 LoS Rician Fading, 30pp., July 2015. PDF
METR 2015-25 Kensuke AISHIMA, On Convergence of Iterative Projection Methods for Symmetric Eigenvalue Problems, 18pp., August 2015. PDF
METR 2015-26 Takanori MAEHARA, Naoki MARUMO and Kazuo MUROTA, Continuous Relaxation for Discrete DC Programming, 24pp., August 2015. PDF
METR 2015-27 Jun-ya GOTOH, Akiko TAKEDA and Katsuya TONO, DC Formulations and Algorithms for Sparse Optimization Problems, 36pp., August 2015. PDF
METR 2015-28 Satoru IWATA and Mizuyo TAKAMATSU, On the Kronecker Canonical Form of Singular Mixed Matrix Pencils, 23pp., December 2015. PDF