LIST 2016 (Mathematical Engineering Technical Reports)

METR 2016-01 Shinsaku SAKAUE, Akiko TAKEDA, Sunyoung KIM and Naoki ITO, Exact SDP Relaxations with Truncated Moment Matrix for Binary Polynomial Optimization Problems, 20pp., January 2016. PDF
METR 2016-02 Shinsaku SAKAUE, Using Multiparameter Eigenvalues for Solving Quadratic Programming with Quadratic Equality Constraints, 16pp., March 2016. PDF
METR 2016-03 Stefan GUETTEL and Yuji NAKATSUKASA, Scaled and Squared Subdiagonal Pade Approximation for the Matrix Exponential, 26pp., April 2016. PDF
METR 2016-04 Yuji NAKATSUKASA and Francoise TISSEUR, Eigenvector Error Bound and Perturbation for Polynomial and Rational Eigenvalue Problems, 20pp., April 2016. PDF
METR 2016-05 Yuji NAKATSUKASA, Off-diagonal Perturbation, First-order Approximation and Quadratic Residual Bounds for Matrix Eigenvalue Problems, 16pp., April 2016. PDF
METR 2016-06 Yuji NAKATSUKASA, Accuracy of Singular Vectors Obtained by Projection-based SVD Methods, 14pp., April 2016. PDF
METR 2016-07 Satoru ADACHI and Yuji NAKATSUKASA, Eigenvalue-Based Algorithm and Analysis for Nonconvex QCQP with One Constraint, 31pp., March 2016. PDF
METR 2016-08 Takeru MATSUDA and Fumiyasu KOMAKI, Time Series Decomposition into Oscillation Components and Phase Estimation, 34pp., May 2016. PDF
METR 2016-09 Daisuke FURIHATA, Shun SATO and Takayasu MATSUO, A novel discrete variational derivative method using “average-difference methods”, 11pp., May 2016. PDF
METR 2016-10 Satoru IWATA and Yu YOKOI, List Supermodular Coloring, 12pp., May 2016. PDF
METR 2016-11 Takeshi OGITA and Kensuke AISHIMA, Iterative Refinement for Symmetric Eigenvalue Decomposition Adaptively Using Higher-Precision Arithmetic, 40pp., June 2016. PDF
METR 2016-12 Takaaki NARA, Tesuya FURUICHI and Motofumi FUSHIMI, An Explicit Reconstruction Method for Magnetic Resonance Electrical Property Tomography Based on the Generalized Cauchy Formula, 14pp., June 2016. PDF
METR 2016-13 Shun SATO, Kazuhito OGUMA, Takayasu MATSUO and Baofeng FENG, A Self-Adaptive Moving Mesh Method for the Short Pulse Equation via Its Hodograph Link to the Sine-Gordon Equation, 31pp., July 2016. PDF
METR 2016-14 Satoru IWATA, Jun KATO and Yutaro YAMAGUCHI, Making Bipartite Graphs DM-irreducible, 21pp., July 2016. PDF
METR 2016-15 Hiroshi HIRAI and Taihei OKI, A Compact Representation for Minimizers of k-Submodular Functions, 29pp., October 2016.
METR 2016-16 Kensuke AISHIMA, A Quadratically Convergent Algorithm Based on Matrix Equations for Inverse Eigenvalue Problems, 23pp., October 2016. PDF
METR 2016-17 Takeru MATSUDA and Fumiyasu KOMAKI, Multivariate Time Series Decomposition into Oscillation Components, 21pp., October 2016.
METR 2016-18 Michiko OKUDO and Hideyuki SUZUKI, Hamiltonian Monte Carlo with Explicit, Reversible, and Volume-preserving Adaptive Step Size Control, 10pp., December 2016. PDF