Voice of prospective candidates for the Department of Computational Engineering

Voice of prospective candidates for the Department of Computational Engineering

The following is a free answer to the applicant's motivation to go on to the Department of counting Engineering.

Motivation 1 (leaning toward mathematical Information engineering course)

-although I was an aspiring department at the beginning of enrollment, I selected the figures that would be closest to the Department of Mathematics thinking about finding employment etc.
I was interested in mathematics information majors, research contents (Modeling of society and the brain, etc.).
I can learn physics, mathematics and information.
-I was interested in mathematical engineering in general.(Reason II)
I want to learn financial engineering.To polish the underlying mathematical power.
Because I like finance.(Reason II)
-Because I'm interested in mathematical engineering.
I want to study the application method of the computer and the abstract calculation method in an engineering
 I've been thinking about it before.
-Because I wanted to learn how to apply mathematics.
To learn applied mathematics.(Reason II)
Because I can take the teaching of mathematics
I wanted to do some math, but I didn't think I could survive in pure mathematics.
-Originally, because I was interested in the logic of mathematics, I was going to graduate School of Mathematics related to the department,
 The class of "Optimization Theory" for the first year of the winter semester was decisive and decided.
I wanted to go to a computer in the Faculty of Engineering.

Motivation 2 (System Information Engineering course)

"Seeking contact with society from mathematics, physics and information (?)" Because the sentence of the slide of guidance coincides with the image of the future that I envision.
-a curriculum that will consolidate the basics and gain experience in various laboratories.
 I have a good feeling.The research contents of each laboratory were also interesting.
-Because the contents of the research seemed to be interesting.
 The research on the May Festival and Open campus was also interesting.
-I want to solve the inverse problem.
I want to create something that looks like a human being
Originally, I was interested in thermal and liquid mechanics.
 What is it?Airline?
 I was lost in the Faculty of Science and Engineering.
 I wish I could…
 → The figures seem to be various at the forefront (at guidance)
 I also like math, so I can count on
Because it deals with a wide range of engineering
Since I had been interested in neural engineering, I was one of the undergraduate schools.
 We also know that we can study various contents by listening to guidance
 Finally decided.
Since my grandfather is a graduate of measurement department.
Because the research of the part which connected the person and the machine was in line with my interest
I am interested in the research of brain Mathematics, ecology information recognition, and surroundings.
 It was a department close to my interest in the Department of the University of Tokyo.
 Although I hesitated with the department of the equipment system, I wanted to study the basis of physics and mathematics rather than application.
-both theoretical and hard-to-control, such as algorithms
 I felt like I could do it properly.

Motivation 3 (other general)

The class of the counting is very wide, and it is attractive to have more choices in the future.
Engineering department, but it was not so.
-Because you cannot study mathematics or physics.
 The future course is wide.
Because I examined the contents of the department and felt that I was suitable for myself.
There were many areas of interest in the laboratory.
Because I was interested in the research of the laboratory which was on the pamphlet.
I was interested to know about the Department of Computational Engineering and research in the whole University seminar.
-Because I wanted to study the disciplines of engineering and science.
Because the content seemed to be happy.
-For the two-year summer course, I was interested
-because I felt that I was right with what I wanted to do.