May Festival

May Festival

The Student volunteer participates in the May festival held at the end of May every year in the Department of counting Engineering.It is a work filled with the dream of the novel and engineering, and it enjoys touching and seeing to visitors.Recently, the work which received a high evaluation by the foreign contest etc. is exhibited together, and the quality and the quantity of the work have been enhanced more and more.

  • 2017, "The Engineering Exposition"
  • 2014 "The Engineering Exposition"
  • 2013 ' The Engineering Exposition ' mfawards 3rd place
  • 2012 "The Engineering Exposition"
  • 2011 ' The Engineering Exposition ' Mfawards # 1
  • 2010 "Yours?To!To」
  • 2009 "Your?To!To」
  • 2007 "Your?To!Mfawards # 1
  • 2006 "Your?To!Mfawards # 1

From past works

Exhibition of the May Festival in FY 2002
Counting Frontier 2002

MMR (Muscle Muscle Revolution)
A unique work in which a CG character is trained to recognize the pose that the player took with the instructor.

Hasegawa Eva
The infrared sensor detects the movement of the hand and controls the music.
You can taste the DJ feeling without touching anywhere.

Swimming in the sea
Measurement of the behavior and posture of the experienced person, and simulation of the underwater environment according to it,
This work presents a swimming sensation in CG and robotic hands.

The work that the fingers of an artificial arm moves by using the bio-metal which is stretched by heat and is attracting attention as a small drive device in the future.

Mouse car
The OB who went on to the university will exhibit it.A prototype of a research that moves artificial devices with biological signals.

The work presented here is just a small part, but there are many other things that are pushing with the idea, those that are thoroughly made, and those aimed at laughing.If there is a chance, please experience the real thing by all means in the May festival.