VR Contest

VR Contest


IVRC (International Student rivalry Virtual reality contest) has been held since 1993 in a contest of interactive works, with the theme of virtual reality.Only the team that passed the document screening by the proposal and the presentation examination etc. will advance to the final meeting, and actually exhibit the work in front of the general public.As a result, not only the completeness of the work and the ability to implement it, but also the overall strength of the team, such as ideas, planning skills and presentation ability.

In the Department of Computational Engineering, the Student volunteer team "ARIEL" participated in 1999, and has left a number of excellent grades, such as winning the overall championship, or being adopted by the American Association of International Siggraph.In 2011, some of the members involved in the exhibition of the May festival participated in the center and won the Gifu VR Grand Prize (3rd Prize) and the Solid Lei Institute award in the finals held at the Japan Science Miraikan.


A scene of activity in one day
A scene of activity in one day

ARIEL (Artificial Reality and Intelligent Engineering Lovers) is a manufacturing circle composed mainly of undergraduate volunteers of the Department of counting engineering, especially third graders.As a part of our activities, we participate in contests such as IVRC and exhibit works at the May festival held at Hongo Campus every year.

Students of both courses in System Information engineering and mathematical information engineering will apply, integrate, and develop technologies such as control, signal processing, and sensing in their respective courses.

  • Feel fun to see and touch
  • and deep inside

We aim to develop an interactive system.

As well as receiving advice from seniors in various fields, we have also received support in various forms in the laboratory of the Department affiliation.In some individuals, we have used devices that are difficult to obtain.I want to practice what I heard in the class, and want to do something one in undergraduate, I want to recommend to students such a circle.

Past achievements

  • 2013 "Drawing Aquarium" NHK Science Stadium participation
  • 2011 ' Miraidia ' IVRC 3rd place Solid Lei Institute Award DCEXPO/Scanned Prize
  • 2009 "Sound is Visible" IVRC first selection Pass
  • 2007 "Virtual boxing" "Pet bottle Vibrator"
  • 2006 "Data Glove" "anti-recognition drawing system"
  • 2005 "Dumptyrumpty" IVRC
  • 2003 "Sky-image" IVRC Meiwa Denki Award
  • 2002 ' Virtual car chase ' IVRC Gifu VR grand Prize
  • 2001 "Underwater Swimming" IVRC Planning Chair Award
  • 2000 "Virtual Sword" IVRC General winner, SIGGRAPH2001 exhibition
  • 1999 "Virtual Goldfish Rake" IVRC overall winner, NHK Digital stadium appearances

From past works

ivrc2003 Meiwa Electric Award Sky-image
When the umbrella is opened, various landscapes and patterns are projected in it, and the work which has evolved "device" of umbrella from the tool which only exceeds rain is made.Unfortunately, we were not able to complete the form, but our unique and humorous ideas were appreciated.
ivrc2002 Gifu VR Grand Prize Virtual car chase Virtual car chase
The moment generated by the two wheels rotating, the work to experience the G and shock that takes the body in the car race.In addition to the appearance of the development before the production was introduced in NHK News, and exhibited in the Media Art introduction program Digista BS, we have experienced a large number of entertainers people.
ivrc2001 Chairman of the Planning Committee award Swimming in the sea Swimming in the sea
This is a work that allows the participants to swim freely in the ocean with a combination of walking exercise equipment, robot arm and computer graphics, and enjoy interacting underwater.This year's IVRC theme is suitable for the "sense of openness", it was finished in the work of healing system.
ivrc2000 Overall Winner Virtual Sword Virtual Sword
A masterpiece succeeded in feeling the "response" of sword by the inertia force when stopping a rotating weight rapidly.It was adopted by the International Society of SIGGRAPH and exhibited in the United States, and the "response" generator is pending patent application.
IVRC ' 99 Overall Winner Virtual Goldfish scooping Virtual Goldfish scooping
It is a work which can be called the origin of Ariel scoop the goldfish on the screen using the POI (net) attached to the tip of the robot arm.Of course, the feel of the goldfish is transmitted from POI.It was introduced in NHK Educational television.