Voices of graduates (mathematical information Engineering)

Voices of graduates (mathematical information Engineering)

Current fiscal year 2009

The door of the exhibition (Master's program in 2001)


The reason why I chose the Department of Counting engineering was that it was a simple "interesting way to learn math like a puzzle", but I think it was a great choice now.

When I was a student, I was able to learn, for example, graphing theory, optimization, algorithms, cryptography, Probability theory, MCMC, neural networks, and so on.Honestly, some of the above I had learned while I thought that I would not use, but in the midst of having worked in a financial institution until now, I have encountered a scene that is used either fortunately or unfortunately.I think that the curriculum of the lecture is very informative and really wonderful, as I regret that I should have learned more firmly.

By the way, I do not necessarily need knowledge in the counting because it does the kind of work to gather information through hearing to the financial institution etc., and to discuss it if it says about the current work of us now.However, the industry seems to have a relatively large number of OB/OG, so many people were lucky enough to hear that.It seems to have gained not only a useful knowledge but also a network, and I think that it was really good to go on to the count.

 When we hear that pharmaceutical companies are involved in the development of new drugs, they may feel unique as graduates of the Department of Computational Engineering.In the development of new drugs, a clinical trial that evaluates efficacy and safety is required for patients to use the substance of a new drug candidate.We are in charge of statistical analysis to think about how to assemble a test plan, analyze the data obtained, and derive the conclusions, and work on the basis learned in the Department of Computational Engineering, such as experimental planning and mathematical statistics every day.

 In the case of counting engineering in the I think that there was a feeling to postpone the conclusion when it seemed to be able to do various things which were directly connected to the business if the Department of counting engineering was not see though it was vaguely thought that it wanted to do the study which was able to understand output easily in the world.When I learn in the department of Computational Engineering, I come to think of statistics as a specialty, and while there are aspects of the course, I work to make the most of my college years as a practical profession.The teachers and friends I met here are my property, and even now, as the years have passed since I graduated, I have also consulted about things I have lost in my work.

 To be honest, I didn't know that statistics played an important role in the pharmaceutical industry during my school days.However, I am surprised that there are a lot of graduate school students who are prominent in this industry and those who are active in the industry leadership position while belonging to the company.After becoming a member of society, I feel the size of the Department of Computational Engineering, and I am proud of the connection as an alumni, and have piled up a small step when I want to approach even a little to various seniors.

The following affiliation is in the current fiscal year 2003

Yuko Matsunaga (completed the 2002 Master's program, current NEC Laboratories Internet Systems Laboratories)

Yuko Matsunaga

 After graduating from the Department of Computational Engineering and completing the master's program, it has been just a year since I started working in my current workplace.Currently, we are researching and developing data mining technology, which is a technology for acquiring useful knowledge from a large amount of data.We design data mining engines based on information theory and machine learning theory, and it is a fascinating place to make the most of what we learned in the Department of Computational Engineering.

 When I was in my sophomore year in college, I was not really aware of what I was doing to be honest when I decided to go on to the Department of counting Engineering.I chose the department because I wanted to create a technology that liked mathematics and useful for the world.However, as I learned about the department through lectures and exercises, I came to think that I was really good at choosing this department.

 The Department of Computational Engineering is a department that lets you learn a wide range of fundamentals for creating future applied technologies.For those who like mathematics and want to think flexibly about their applications, it is the best department, and I think it is a place where you can live a fulfilling and enjoyable undergraduate life.

H Takeuchi (2000., Master of Engineering, Japan IBM, Tokyo Basic Research Laboratories)

H Takeuchi

 What do you do with the Department of Computational Engineering?"I often get questions like this and even after I get a job.I think it's a question to be received from the name of the department because the contents cannot be imagined, but usually it is answered, "Nandemoya."I do not think that it is a wrong answer that it is a department which can do anything by doing various things.

 I myself also belonged to a laboratory of measurement and a mathematical laboratory in the master's program.In both laboratories, I found the theme independently and was able to do my favorite research.I think this is something that I only feel is common but not much to sync.Everyone was doing the research which thought to be this, and the engineering of the research introduction was always interesting.

 I have completed my Master's degree program and am currently researching information retrieval at a corporate laboratory.We have to be constantly aware of what kind of technology is required to respond to changes in the business environment. Having been touched by the attitude to the research obtained in the Department of counting engineering and a wide research has become a very valuable property now.

Hiroyuki Miyazawa (Master's degree in 2002, Tokyo Marine Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. Financial Planning Department)

Hiroyuki Miyazawa

 He is engaged in a middle office job in the operations department of the casualty Insurance company.Specifically, we are conducting risk measurement and data analysis using mathematical models (generally referred to as financial engineering).Although it is still the first year of the company, it is very exciting to 立chi会eru the mathematical engineering that I have learned to be applied to the real world.

 There are two things that are useful for current work by learning in the counting.The first was to learn the basic concepts of mathematical engineering and financial engineering as a pillar of the theory of student age.The other is that I met a teacher, an assistant, and a student who is doing cutting-edge research.About three months after I started working, I had been to play in the Department of Computational Engineering to get a long look.At that time, when I told you that I was in trouble with the optimization program that I was making on the job without a word to Mr. Iwata of the Mathematical Institute, I introduced two books with the solution immediately.It was possible to feel the greatness of the counting engineering department again.