What is the Department of Applied Physics?

What is the Department of Applied Physics?

The application of the results of the basic science and the development of new technology are the pillars of engineering, and the expansion development has been achieved to today in response to the demand of the changing times.There are many ways to perceive such an engineering figure.For example, each field of engineering is differentiated according to the target (by industry), and it is a view to distinguish it by the approach to the technology and the object regardless of the object.If the former is called a vertical system, the latter can be called a horizontal or transverse type system.

Physics and mathematics, as basic science, have developed while maintaining a close relationship with each other in the field of engineering, but this relationship is now increasing its degree of intimacy.It is expected that the idea of mathematics and physics is constantly needed in the development of existing engineering fields, and that the new engineering will be based on physics and mathematics in the future as well as not only the towing role but also the lead. It is one of the examples that new engineering approaches are needed to meet the strong demands of energy and new material development.

On the other hand, society has long demanded that information be treated as a basic element of engineering as well as material and energy. Recent measurement control and system technology in addition to information on materials and states, we have expanded the scope of our application to information in living organisms and society, and the spectacular development of mathematical technology is also aimed at the structure and processing of information in each field.

In the background of this situation, engineers and researchers who have the ability to comprehensively examine various fields of engineering under a cross-sectional view and pursue an essential solution to the problem are strongly demanded.

Department of Applied Physics consists of two departments: Department of Applied Physics, and Department of Mathematical Engineering and Information Physics. The mission of the department is to respond to the request of society by implementing a new type of engineering education under the horizontal system as described above. Students are assigned to each of the departments at the end of the third term, and students in Deptartment of Mathematical Engineering and Information Physics are divided into two courses in the late January of the fourth term.

Both departments are concentrated in the vicinity of the Faculty of Engineering No. 6, and the library and the room etc. are maintained as common facilities. The library, located in the center of Bldg. 6, is a collection of books and magazines covering a wide range of areas, especially the boundaries, which are used for students ' studies and research.We are aiming to nurture engineers and researchers who have a strong and broad view of the fundamentals, while complementing each other in close contact with the applied Physics Department, and many of the lectures and experiments are conducted in common.In addition, there is also a mutual fly at the time of graduate school.About 4,000 graduates are widely active in each field of engineering, and are the core of technological advancement as new engineers and researchers with overall vision and judgment.