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Nonlinear Physics Lab. (Department of Complexity Science and Engineering)
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Modeling and analysis of dynamical systems





To understand natural, biological, and artificial systems, we perform mathematical modeling and analysis. Moreover, closely collaborating with experimentalists of various fields, we try to solve problems related to our lives. 

Modeling and development of general theories
By constructing simple models that describe complex dynamical phenomena, we try to understand, predict, and control such phenomena. Moreover, through the generalizing and abstraction of problems, we try to construct general theories. Examples of our subjects include biological rhythms, locomotion, hydrodynamic phenomena, power grids, transportation networks, traffic networks, pattern formation in biological and chemical systems, social systems, neural networks.

Collaboration with experimentalists
To solve problems closely related to our lives, we collaborate with researchers of various disciplines such as engineering and biology. Our roles are to provide theoretical ideas, to analyze and interpret experimental data, and to propose new experiments. 

nonlinear phenomena, oscillations, synchronization, fluctuation, complex networks, control, optimization, biological rhythms, circadian rhythms, locomotion, biological physics

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