Mathematical Informatics 1st Laboratory

Mathematical Cryptography Laboratory (Mathematical Informatics 1st Laboratory)
– Let’s study the foundation of information security. –
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Tsuyoshi Takagi
Tsuyoshi Takagi

Atsushi Takayasu
Atsushi Takayasu

Associate Professor
Modern cryptography has become one of the most important research fields in information technology. We aim at development and security evaluation of the next-generation cryptographic systems. In particular, we study post-quantum cryptography based on the mathematical problems (such as coding theory, lattice theory, multivariate polynomials, graph theory, etc), which are computationally intractable even in the era of quantum computing.
Information Security
With cryptography it is possible to construct many security protocols that become the basic infrastructure for secure communications such as SSL/TLS. These security protocols provide us with various security applications, for example, copyright protection, electronic voting, cryptocurrency, and so on. This research group is engaged in the development of new efficient cryptographic algorithms and implementation secure against physical attacks.