Collaborative Research Center for Innovative Mathematical Modeling


Collaborative Research Center for Innovative Mathematical Modeling (Institute of Industrial Science at the University of Tokyo)
– Challenge for Complex Dynamics in the Real World –

合原 一幸
Kazuyuki AIHARA

田中 剛平

Project Associate Professor
近江 崇宏
Takahiro OMI

Project Associate Professor
Fundamental and Application Studies on Mathematical Modelling of Complex Systems
We perform theoretical studies for mathematical modelling and analysis of complex systems and application studies for real-world phenomena including artificial intelligence and power grids.
Complex Dynamics Analysis
Complex dynamical behavior is ubiquitous in a variety of phenomena, ranging from microscopic activities in cells and genes to macroscopic activities in earth and cosmos.  Towards understanding complex dynamical behavior and solving practical issues through mathematical modeling and analyses, we aim at developing a method for predicting, controlling, and optimizing complex dynamical phenomena. The subjects of this research include biology, medicine, public health, engineering, economics, and social problems. 

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