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Mathematical Programming Laboratory(Mathematical Informatics 5th Laboratory)
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Akiko Takeda
Akiko Takeda

Kazuhiro Sato
Kazuhiro Sato

Associate Professor
Operations Research(OR)
It is a scientific technique that builds mathematical models and finds their solutions by using computers for solving real problems. In particular, we focus on modeling as a mathematical optimization problem and developing algorithms to solve the problem. The scope of application of OR is diverse and we are conducting research to solve real-world problems in the fields of structure design, energy system, financial engineering, machine learning.
Efficient algorithms for continuous optimization and thier applications to real-world problems
Problems in real world often result in large scale, nonlinear, nonconvex continuous optimization problem. Also, in a situation where robustness against uncertainty (variation) of data is required, a model called a robust optimization problem may be useful. We aim to efficiently solve such optimization problems and contribute to real world problem solving.