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Andrea Benucci

Adjunct Professor,
Department of Mathematical Informatics, Graduate School of Information
Science and Technology, University of Tokyo

RIKEN Center for Brain Science, Team Leader

2-1 Hirosawa, Wako-shi, Saitama 351-0198
Tel: +81-48-467-5203

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Nov. 1998 B.S., Physics, University of Padova, IT
Sept. 1999 M.S., Computational Neuroscience, International School for Advanced Studies, IT
Nov. 2003 Ph.D., Neuroscience, ETH/University of Zurich, CH
July 2003 Postdoctoral Fellow, Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute, US
Sept. 2005 Research Associate, Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute, US
Sept. 2008 Senior Research Associate, University College London, UK
Sept. 2013 Team Leader, RIKEN Brain Science Institute, JP
April 2018 Team Leader, RIKEN Center for Brain Science, JP

Research Themes

Computations in biological neural networks, in particular linear and non-linear analyses of large-scale neuronal recordings.

My research aims at linking neural architectures to the underlying computations. To do so, I integrate experimental methods for all-optical dissection of neuronal circuits with large-scale dynamical network models based on artificial neural networks (aNNs). The connectivity architecture of aNNs closely mirrors that of biological neural networks, thus representing an effective theoretical framework to unify computational, algorithmic, and implementation levels of analysis.

Selected Publications

Aoki, R., Tsubota, T., Goya, Y., Benucci, A., An automated platform for high-throughput mouse behavior and physiology with voluntary head-fixation. Nature Comms., 8:1196, (2017)

Benucci, A., Saleem, A.B., Carandini, M. Adaptation maintains population homeostasis in primary visual cortex. Nature Neurosci., Jun; 16(6):724-9, (2013)

Pearson R.A., Barber A.C., Rizzi M., Xue T., West E.L., Duran Y., Smith A.J., Chuang J.Z., Azam S.A., Luhmann U.F.O., Benucci A., Sung C.H., Carandini M., Yau K.W., Sowden J.C., Ali R.R. Restoration of vision after transplantation of photoreceptors. Nature, 485(7396):99-103, (2012)

Benucci, A., Ringach, D.L., Carandini, M. Coding of stimulus sequences by population responses in visual cortex. Nature Neurosci., 12(10):1317-24, (2009)


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