Mathematical Engineering Technical Reports

LIST 2018

METR 2018-01 Hiroshi HIRAI, Yuni IWAMASA, Kazuo MUROTA and Stanislav ŽIVNÝ, A Tractable Class of Binary VCSPs via M-Convex Intersection, 36pp., January 2018.
METR 2018-02 Ken’ichiro TANAKA and Masaaki SUGIHARA, Design of Accurate Formulas for Approximating Functions in Weighted Hardy Spaces by Discrete Energy Minimization, 27pp., January 2018.
METR 2018-03 Takashi KUROKAWA, Taihei OKI and Hiromichi NAGAO, Multi-dimensional Graph Fourier Transform, 13pp., January 2018.
METR 2018-04 Shun SATO, Stability and Convergence of a Conservative Finite Difference Scheme for the Modified Hunter–Saxton Equation, 21pp., February 2018.
METR 2018-05 Shun SATO, Linear Gradient Structures and Discrete Gradient Methods for Conservative/Dissipative Differential-Algebraic Equations, 22pp., May 2018.
METR 2018-06 Takeru MATSUDA and Akimichi TAKEMURA, Game-theoretic Derivation of Upper Hedging Prices of Multivariate Contingent Claims and Submodularity, 37pp., June 2018.
METR 2018-07 Motoki IKEDA and Shin-ichi TANIGAWA, Cut Sparsifiers for Balanced Digraphs, 15pp., August 2018.
METR 2018-08 Masatoshi UEHARA, Takeru MATSUDA and Fumiyasu KOMAKI, Analysis of Noise Contrastive Estimation from the Perspective of Asymptotic Variance, 34pp., August 2018.
METR 2018-09 Tatsuya MATSUOKA and Shin-ichi TANIGAWA, On Reachability Mixed Arborescence Packing, 10pp., August 2018.
METR 2018-10 Ken’ichiro TANAKA, Generation of Point Sets by Convex Optimization for Interpolation in Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces, 30pp., October 2018.