Mathematical Engineering Technical Reports

LIST 2017

METR 2017-01 Satoru IWATA and Yusuke KOBAYASHI, A Weighted Linear Matroid Parity Algorithm, 57pp., January 2017.
METR 2017-02 Satoru IWATA and Yu YOKOI, Finding a Stable Allocation in Polymatroid Intersection, 27pp., January 2017.
METR 2017-03 Katsuya TONO, Akiko TAKEDA and Jun-ya GOTOH , Efficient DC Algorithm for Constrained Sparse Optimization, 30pp., January 2017.
METR 2017-04 Tomonari SEI, Coordinate-wise Transformation of Probability Distributions to Achieve a Stein-type Identity, 30pp., February 2017.
METR 2017-05 Satoru IWATA and Mizuyo TAKAMATSU, Index Reduction via Unimodular Transformations, 15pp., February 2017.
METR 2017-06 Satoru ADACHI, A New Proof of Some Discrete Inequalities with Standard Central-Difference Type Operators, 10pp., March 2017.
METR 2017-07 Koyo HAYASHI and Satoru IWATA, Counting Minimum Weight Arborescences, 8pp., March 2017.
METR 2017-08 Shinji YAMADA and Akiko TAKEDA, Successive Lagrangian Relaxation Algorithm for Nonconvex Quadratic Optimization, 33pp., March 2017.
METR 2017-09 Yuya TAKASU, Keisuke YANO and Fumiyasu KOMAKI, Scoring Rules for Statistical Models on Spheres, 18pp., March 2017.
METR 2017-10 Takeru MATSUDA and Fumiyasu KOMAKI, Improving on Singular Value Shrinkage Priors and Block-wise Stein Priors, 19pp., April 2017.
METR 2017-11 Shun SATO and Takayasu MATSUO, On Spatial Discretization of Evolutionary Differential Equations on the Periodic Domain with a Mixed Derivative, 29pp., April 2017.
METR 2017-12 Takeru MATSUDA and William E. STRAWDERMAN, Improved Loss Estimation for a Normal Mean Matrix, 21pp., April 2017.
METR 2017-13 Takeru MATSUDA and Fumiyasu KOMAKI, Empirical Bayes Matrix Completion, 17pp., June 2017.
METR 2017-14 Zoltán SZIGETI and Shin-ichi TANIGAWA, An Algorithm for the Problem of Minimum Weight Packing of Arborescences with Matroid Constraints, 13pp., July 2017.
METR 2017-15 Tatsuya MATSUOKA and Zoltán SZIGETI, Polymatroid-Based Capacitated Packing of Branchings, 21pp., July 2017.
METR 2017-16 Koji TSUMURA, Shinji HARA and Binh Minh NGUYEN, Hierarchically Decentralized Control for Networked Dynamical Systems with Global and Local Objectives by Aggregation, 27pp., July 2017.
METR 2017-17 Kensuke AISHIMA, A Quadratically Convergent Algorithm for Inverse Eigenvalue Problems with Multiple Eigenvalues, 23pp., August 2017.
METR 2017-18 Tatsuya MATSUOKA and Shun SATO, Making Bidirected Graphs Strongly Connected, 14pp., September 2017.
METR 2017-19 Nobutaka SHIMIZU, The Diameter of Dense Random Regular Graphs, 17pp., October 2017.
METR 2017-20 Koyo HAYASHI, A Polynomial Time Algorithm to Compute Geodesics in CAT(0) Cubical Complexes, 17pp., November 2017.
METR 2017-21 Nobutaka SHIMIZU, The Average Distance of Dense Homogeneous Random Graphs, 22pp., November 2017.
METR 2017-22 Shunya OKUNO, Tomoya TAKEUCHI, Shunsuke HORAI, Kazuyuki AIHARA and Yoshito HIRATA, Avoiding Underestimates for Time Series Prediction by State-Dependent Local Integration, 23pp., November 2017.
METR 2017-23 Satoru IWATA, Taihei OKI and Mizuyo TAKAMATSU, Index Reduction for Differential-Algebraic Equations with Mixed Matrices, 23pp., December 2017.